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Jan Palovšnik 7.6.2016

Jan Palovšnik

A look back in the past winter season before the summer season kicks in?  :D

Jan Palovšnik 4.5.2016

Jan Palovšnik

First time skiing in Tyrol and it was amazing, sleeping in the tent, waking up knowing it’s gonna be a beautiful  day.

Jan Palovšnik

Another fantastic week is behind me.

Jan Palovšnik

Winter is finally here from February the 13th. It was snowing the whole night, so when we arrived on Vogel there was about 30-40 cm of fresh snow. FUNPOW all day long, wohoooo!!


Jan Palovšnik

Finally my wish has come true - visit Chamonix. It was in the summer but I'll definitely return in the winter time.

It's just amazing, the mountains, the possibilities... my mind is full of ideas where to go.. :D But it's still summer, so I'll have to wait for a few months...

So you're probably asking yourself how did i get to Chamonix? Maybe you've heard about OutDoor Friedrichshafen, fair where the producers show all the new products. We were at the fair for one day, and then we went to Chamonix for the weekend.

At first, the idea was to climb on top of Mont Blanc with skis and then ski down. But at the end there was not enough time. (Looking forward for the next visit) So, the list of things we did is here: trail running, hiking, trail running, trail running etc... :D We were exploring the lower part of mountains above chamonix.


Day 1: We arrived to Chamonix at around 10am. After that we asked some locals what they recommend. Following recommendations we went to Lac Blanc (2352 m), a well known destination with stunning views.

The path itself is nothing special. I considered the most interesting thing was the ibex, they were standing just 2 meters from me, and on the way down I almost step on one. I've never been so close to them in Slovenia.

In the late afternoon we decided for a quick look of the town. Nothing really special if you ask me, mostly town like every other. We were sleeping in Camping du Glacier d'Argentiere, a nice quiet place, and most important it was cheap. :D Time for sleeping, I was quite exhausted after all the kilometers we made.


Day 2: I think we wake up around 8 am. Rested and ready for new adventures we packed our tent, eat breakfast and then went to the Aiguille du midi cable car. We had to wait for about an hour, yep that thing really is crowded...

We went only to the 1st station, to Buvette du Plan de l'Aiguille. And from here we went into the Mer de Glace direction. On the way there we were exploring the terrain under the "needles".

When we arrived to the glacier there was a nice view but at the same time sad. The glacier has retreated, I don't know exactly how much but a lot.

We also went into the glacier, a man-made hole. It was nice in there, but the best thing was the temperature, great for cooling down.

After that we just need to go back to the valley. Yay, nothing better than walking under a scorching sun, bruhhhh. :D But it was worth it.



And the last thing we had to do was a drive home, 700 km in one night after a whole day of walking, haha.


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