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Paddle boarding offers boundless benefits to both your physical and mental health and sharing the experience with your nearest and dearest makes the activity even more rewarding.

Primož Vrhovnik, 3.6.2021


Nič kaj posnebnega nisva s Klemenom planirala za ta dan, vendar se je tekom vzpona, razmer in počutja obrnilo drugače. Mogoče je pa polna luna, ki nama je svetila proti gorenjski nakazovala malo bolj poseben dan.

It is important to know how to wash your GORE-TEX outerwear properly. Well cared for skiing, mountaineering or any other outdoor gear will protect you better and last longer.

Ambassador Forrest Jilsson got his first taste of ski movie production in Warren Miller’s “Face of Winter” in 2018 when he ski toured in Denali National Park. Since then he has been in several productions, but his heart beats especially for his home mountain in Jackson Wyoming. Meet Norrona ambassador Forrest!

Norrona ambassador Asbjørn Eggebø Næss gives you his best tips on how to pack your backpack well prepared for a freeriding day.

The all-time go-to garment when you’re in need of some extra insulation that adds minimal weight and volume.

Designed for freeride mountain-biking on steep and rugged terrain. The skibotn collection consists of durable, lightweight products offering great mobility.

Choosing the best kite for yourself is an educated decision. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or pro rider, Slingshot has a kite that will match you better than your Tinder profile.

Perfectly fitting shoes are the holy grail for every trail runner. But, what really is the difference between a “normal” running shoe and a trail running shoe?

Windsurfing hydrofoil maintenance IS IMPORTANT.

The mountains are calling, and the bitihorn collection is here to help you answer!

As seen on: BMC 

Posted by Andy Nelson

Edited by Matjaž Šerkezi


In the winter hills you need to constantly make informed decisions, some of these relating to avalanche conditions. In this article from Summit magazine, Andy Nelson takes a look avalanches in the Scottish hills.

The Ferox. The all-new Freebird ski for touring at 110mm. Welcome to a surfy, carvy feel for adventure skiing.

The Dynafit lifetime guarantee for your ski touring bindings.

F-One, a kitesurfing brand from France is one of the leading brands since the beginning of kitesurfing.

Starboard inflatable SUP boards with new Deluxe Double Chamber Technology are now safer, stiffer, & lighter than ever.

The all new Rally GT is the evolution of Slingshot most popular kite of years past

New short hike & fly paragliding film made by our ambassador Aljaž Salkič


We're proud to announce that from now the products from one of the worlds most recognize SUP brands are available in our shop.

The skibotn jacket was designed specifically for mountain biking, with a host of unique features that set it apart from the crowd.

For knee-deep snow to sky-high mountains. Gear with the promise GORE-TEX GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY®, gives first class waterproofness, windprofness and breathability to keep you comfortable – both uphill and downhill.

Higher Ascent Efficiency! The shorter toebox and rotation point at the binding attachment set further back make walking even more efficient. Dynafit revolutionizes once again the connection between boot and binding, the legend continues.

This season, three new skiers have joined the Black Crows’ team : Sven Kueenle (D), Julien Lange (FR) and Julien Eustache (FR). A presentation of these three gentlemen who are as at home on skis as they are in a cutting room.

Sweet Protection's most ventilated helmet. Yet

UPDATE: A new record at Dynafit Snow Leopard Day 2019!


On March 2-3, 2019, 1,604,138 meters of vertical were accumulated at the International Snow Leopard Day. That’s a new record! In 11 countries, a total of 1,141 athletes took part in the event for a good cause. All told, they racked up over a half-million meters of vert more than last year.

In October 2018, people from Picture Organic Clothing traveled to Taiwan to retrace every step in the snow jacket manufacturing process, from recycling plastic bottles to making the finished product.



To save lives, airbags need to be activated, operating reliably and undamaged. 


Initially entitled From my point of view, this text by Bruno Compagnet recounts an almost normal day in the Mont Blanc massif. Almost because, without doubt, installing oneself on a 50° slope of hard snow, the ordinary can soon transform in wondering what you have let yourself in for..


Tof is a Chamonix local whose family lives in this valley in its fourth generation.

Since 1929, Norrøna has been a family business making outdoor products with the highest possible quality. But what does this actually mean?

Built together means athletes, engineering, artist & product manager work together to build really cool skis.

Speedfit, ski touring on groomed ski runs is in! Not just because of safety, but also because it’s a great workout. 

He´s a bad ass shredder and filmmaker. Meet Norrøna ambassador Nikolai Schirmer.

At Switch Back Travel they hit the Pacific Northwest backcountry in Scarpa’s legendary touring boot.

The intimate travel diary of an incredible Freeride expedition into the heart of the Karakoram range.


It’s on the anima, the model which he has skied since it was first produced in 2015, that Kristofer Turdell won the latest World Freeride Championships (FWT).

After the collective leave, the public service DARS and Power selected the popular Sichelwand resort for a daily union trip.

Japan is an interesting country and so is its snow. The winters are long, cloudy and unlike anywhere else. Spending a few months deep in East Asian powder is an unforgettable experience and definitely one to be repeated again and again.

Armada is a family of athletes, artists, designers, and engineers that didn’t just push the envelope—they blew it wide open. And the industry is scrambling to catch up. They are Armada. They are what skiing will become.

Matic Gobec, national team member at Völkl, freeride guide/coach in Whistler and ActionMama ambassador, in his 2018 season edit "#GOOUTANDSKI PART V".

A down jacket is probably one of the best investments for your winter (and basically all-year) wardrobe. It has a great warmth-to-weight ratio, ventilates well, and can easily be compressed when traveling. And most important – it will keep you warm and protected on cold days.

"It is not another freeride boot, but rather something better: the most comfortable, warm, and efficient touring boot Dynafit has ever made."

Ripstic Black Edition, one of the 13 best skis that received the highest marks across the board from skiers with a host of different backgrounds.

Great success of Slovene rescue team on the National meeting of mountain rescue in Dolomites

In a universe where versatility is omnipotent, to bring out a ski dedicated to steep slopes could be thought of as a conceited risk. Nevertheless, the elegance of its line and robust appearance awakens the curiosity and desire of numerous skiers who are not specialists in mid-air jump turns.

Fall is a beautiful time to seek an adventure. But what to pack and what to wear? Here you get the ultimate packing list for a week of adventure.

Osprey Europe team member, Julia Hamlyn, about her passion for mountain biking.

Slingshot pro rider Carlos Mario and Mikaili Sol have taken out the 2018 GKA Air Games Cabarete, in the Dominican Republic.

Slingshot professional athlete Carro Djupsjö on a wake trip in US.

"A beautifull looking iSUP with great glide for mid weight paddlers. Robust and well priced too."

Take care of your Norrøna gear so it can take care of you in the elements.


This voluntary Recall is limited to 2017-2018 Kingpin models. Sales of some models of recalled bindings began in 2017 and some in 2018.

Seeking shred bestie: This is a board you can trust. It will be there when you need it the most and never leave you downwind. You will not walk alone on the beach again. With your shred bestie in tow you don’t just cruise, you shred.


One board, all conditions designed for chicks who rip. 

Norwegian brand of outdoor clothing and sports gear offers service and repairs on all their products ever since the beginning in 1929.

First and foremost, just because a board is classified as a good “beginner” board, that does not mean it’s only good for beginners.


Our Allstar Airline inflatable paddle board has been our most significant breakthrough in tuning rocker lines and deflection.

What makes a good freestyle kiteboard: POWER!

ActionMama / Norrona 22.1.2018

It is important to wash and maintain the products so that they perform as well as possible and last for a long time. All garments have washing instructions attached that must be followed very closely. GORE-TEX® products should be washed after approximately 150 hours of use, or when dirty.

ActionMama / Völkl 29.1.2018

Andri Ragettli​ has risen to become one of the top Slopestyle skiers in the world.

Dylan Miller takes us out for a demo with the 2018 Solo.

The deluxe construction of inflatable boards now come in our new breakthrough Double Chamber Technology which makes the board stiffer and safer than ever before.

Artist and story behind Slingshot Valley 2018 wakeboard.

SLINGSHOT celebrates 20 years in the business!
You can ride new 2019 Slingshot gear this October!

Matej Kosem 26.5.2018

For the end of the season a trip to the mountains above Chamonix is always a good choise. This time of year there are usualy good conditions for steep skiing. Last weekend all came to right place so we go.

Trapez so pri Kiteskulu testirali na Sardiniji, v vseh pogojih pa zares dobro preizkusili na njihovem enomesečnem tripu po Braziliji

ActionMama / Bine Žalohar 26.4.2018

The impressions of a five-month adventure in the country of the rising sun "and plenty of snow" by one of the best Slovenian skiers.

ActionMama / Blister, Jonathan Ellsworth 19.4.2018

For the 18/19 season, Tecnica is completely overhauling their Zero G line of touring boots. 

For the spectacular ski event Red Bull Samo Gas he switched his ski cross rockets with Elan's Ripstick 96. 

Anže Čokl 9.4.2018

Štirje člani Freeapproved in dva simpatizerja smo se danes navsezgodaj odpravili na izlet na Gorenjsko. Ob nekaj do pol petih zjutraj smo pričeli s pristopnim maršem na smučeh in na pol-razrezanih deskah (aka splitboard) od 3. serpentine mimo Koče v Krnici, kjer smo zavili ostro levo proti Dnini.

ActionMama 20.3.2018

29 years old Sweden from Gällivare wins the FWT18 overall title before the final race in Verbier.

ActionMama / Marker 20.3.2018

Ultra light, extremely durable and with superior features in this weight class.

Simon Erjavec 11.3.2018

Včasih se mi zdi, da sem padel v nek trans. V obsesijo. Pa ne smučarsko obsesijo, ampak obsesijo izkoriščanja časa. No, smučanje je del tega.

ActionMama / Matjaž Šerkezi 9.3.2018

Zadnji teden preživljamo v Nordijskem centru v Planici, kjer Planinska Zveza Slovenije gosti 90 alpinistov iz Češke, Slovaške, Madžarske, Hrvaške, Italije in Slovenije.

ActionMama 3.3.2018

New slovenian winter web portal, great news for backcountry skiers, ski mountaineers, alpine tourers and freeriders.

ActionMama / Eurosport 20.2.2018

Olympic slopestyle contest at PyeongChang in the name of Volkl riders.

Anže Čokl 2.2.2018

Šele pozno zvečer smo dorekli, kam jo bomo na današnji mahnili in kdo bi sploh šel. Izkazalo se je, da je bila odločitev dobra!

Jan Palovšnik  26.1.2018

The new Dalbello Lupo, which I recently received for testing, is a completely different world compared to the previous BD Factor MX.

ActionMama / BCA 3.1.2018

Traveling by air with a BCA Float pack can be a cinch—especially if there’s a local refill center at your destination or if you bring along your own high-pressure pump. It’s especially easy if you’re not traveling to or from the U.S.

ActionMama / Bruno Compagnet - the blackmail 22.11.2017

Prva vrana smučarske znamke Black Crows na smučarskem tripu v Julijskih Alpah v družbi fotografinje Layle Jean Kerley in našega italijanskega prijatelja Enrica Mosettija.

Anže Čokl 7.12.2017

Ob vzpenjanju po zasneženi cesti od Koče na Gozdu proti prelazu Vršič, smo si obetali brezskrbni povratek po smučarski gazi nazaj po cesti.

Simon Erjavec 2.12.2017

Sponzoruše smučamo takrat, ko verjetno ni dobrih razmer. Ali pa so? Ta teden so na srečo res. Pa prejšnji teden? Ne, takrat smo smučali po ledu in betonu. Pa vseeno nekaj presmučali.

Manufacturers recommend test activation of your backpacks at least once every two years.

ActionMama 16.11.2017

Begining of the season is just the wright time for that.


As the name implies – The Scalpel series are precision tools for serious skiers and riders wanting to obtain free ride paradise.

Made for all seasons and any weather, the falketind collection provides the perfect year around set up for outdoor enthusiasts.

Nekaj koristnh napotkov za uvodni stik z wake osnovami za otroke, predstavlja štirikratni svetovni prvak Shaun Murray.

Vse kar morate vedeti o montaži smernikov na vaše napihljive SUP deske v nasvetih Starboard ambasadorja Dana Gaverea.

Starboardov napihljivi SUP "Touring Zen", na sejmu Outdoor Retailer show v Salt Lake City, prejel SUP Conect "Gear of the Year 2017" nagrado za najboljšo napihljivo desko.

ActionMama 10.7.2017

Nekaj nasvetov za lažje nošenje napihljivih SUP desk vam bo zaupal Starboard ambasador Dan Gavere.

ActionMama 25.6.2017

Pravilno napihovanje in spuščanje zraka iz vaših Starboard napihljivih SUP desk vam predstavlja Starboard ambasador Dan Gavere.

Samo Kham 7.6.2017

V zadnjih letih se veliko športnikov odloča za različne maratonske podvige.

ActionMama (Nikwax)  16.6.2017

Razmišljate o tem, kam bi letos poleti peljali otroke na taborjenje, kam bi šli s prijatelji ali morda načrtujete solo mini avanturo?

Simon Erjavec 25.5.2017

Včasih se vprašam v čem je sploh smisel strmega smučanja, ko pa si povsem odvisen od snežnih razmer ... in časa.

Jan Palovšnik  19.5.2017

I changed my mindset from winter to summer a while ago. I want to climb, ride a bike, run etc. Just leave the skis in the corner for some time and take a rest, to get the new inspiration for the next season.


ActionMama 18.5.2017

To je odvisno ali jih shranjujemo na vrhu vzpona, po končanem dnevu ali čez poletje do naslednje sezone.

Bine Žalohar 8.5.2017

Virtual agenda of a modern sportsmanship consists of daily grind on Instagram, likes on facebook, e-mails to sponsors, filming video stories and constant presence of cameras, phones and drones. Cruel? Sad? True?

Matej Kosem 23.4.2017

Za danes smo upali, da nam uspe spust po kuloarju Cosmique, vendar nas pogled vanj ni prepričal. Dejstvo je, da je zaradi švoh zime slabo narejen in se nismo hoteli preveč silit. Se ga bomo raje lotili drugič.

Matej Kosem 23.4.2017

Kar nekaj cincanja je bilo, kam danes. Odločili smo se, da gremo nekam, od koder se dobro vidi v Angelco in da spotoma še kaj lepega odsmučamo.

Matej Kosem 22.4.2017

Rana – ura zlata ura, vendar vseeno nismo prav hiteli z zajtrkom v rifuđotu na Agentieru.

Med vzponom proti Col du Chardonnet mi srenači na dveski (splitboardu) pridejo zelo prav. Tudi za Klemna in Andraža na smučeh brez srenačev ni ravno lahko. Sta pa zato dobila bolj močne roke :).

Matej Kosem 21.4.2017

Potrebne sestavine za fajn smučarsko deskarski izlet v Chamonix:

- vsaj dva dni dopusta in vikend

- dobra družba

- lepo vreme z vsaj približno ustreznimi snežnimi razmerami


the blackmail perspectives 14.4.2017

The first edition of La Sentinelle was held last weekend in the Cirque de Gavarnie in the Occitan Pyrenées. Before any fresh news comes in, let’s recap on a ski mountaineering event that puts adventure first.

Matej Kosem 8.3.2017

Če bi danes potegnil črto pod turnosmučarsko sezono, bi zaključil, da je bila za en drek. Pa ni bila tako slaba zaradi slabe zime, ampak zaradi nekih bacilov, ki so v meni zgleda našli idealne terene in imajo očitno dobro sezono.

Bine Žalohar 28.3.2017

Razmere za smučanje so praktično katastrofalne, pa smo po frikanju v Kotečniku vseeno podlegli Gerbčevemu predlogu o pikanju v slovenski smeri s kombinacijo visin.

Sobota, 25.3.2017

Društvo za razvoj turnega smučanja v sodelovanju z RTC Krvavec, pripravljata turno smučarski dogodek, ki bo zelo zanimiv za širšo publiko turnih in tudi naključnih alpskih smučarjev. 

Anže Čokl 21.3.2017

Sreča je bila ponovno na naši strani in končno smo po pršiču vozili v popolnoma sončnem dnevu.

Anže Čokl 13.3.2017

Kilava zima se očitno ob slovesu vendarle želi prikazat v boljši luči...

Black Doc is a series of short films about characters from the ski world in general and, to begin with at least, from Black Crows. This series of human adventures and portraits intends to embrace skiing culture as a whole.

Matej Kosem 8.3.2017

Lep dan kliče. Ker se dan zjutraj lovi, sploh če je treba kasneje še na šiht, štartava ob zori.

Z delavnicami želimo pokazati osnovne zakonitosti delovanja plazovnih žoln, najpogostejše težave, ki se ob tem pojavljajo ter podati osnovne principe za iskanje ene do treh zasutih oseb.

Jan Palovšnik

Finally my wish has come true - visit Chamonix. It was in the summer but I'll definitely return in the winter time.

Simon Erjavec  9.6.2016

I had been working on my season edit for a few days now: I've chosen moments from all season which mean something to me. 

Bine Žalohar

Approach to Dom des Mischabel (4545m) was far from easy.

Group of 35 people from alpine association Kranj applied to the trip not knowing if the weather forecast is going to hold.

Slingshot presentation Shredtown collection.

Iztok Mrgole 9.6.2016

Napoved ni obetala ravno veliko, ampak žeja po kajtanju je bila prevelika, zato sva se z Žigom po dolgem času podala na enega najboljših kitespotov na Jadranu na izliv reke Neretve.

Simon Erjavec 


Time flies by, days are getting longer, 
sun is shining stronger...

Jan Palovšnik

A look back in the past winter season before the summer season kicks in?  :D

Iztok Mrgole

Za prvomajske praznike smo že drugo leto zapored z ekipo Kitelife-a okupirali Bol na Braču.

Bine Žalohar

There are two reasons i haven’t written anything this winter. I honestly didn’t have anything to write about since i refused to compete in slopestyle and focused more towards mountaneering.

Hestra gloves are made to last. With some love and care they will last even longer. Good for you, good for the environment.

Simon Erjavec

I've had some time just for myself in the past few days... even if I am not alone, I'm surrounded by real friends who let me think differentelly, they give me inspiration and some kind of power which can be transformed to actions...

Jan Palovšnik

First time skiing in Tyrol and it was amazing, sleeping in the tent, waking up knowing it’s gonna be a beautiful  day.

Simon Erjavec

As many of you know it, it's my birthday today. And as many of you know (or not), I wanted to finish my project of #40lines till today. I haven't done this, but it should be finished very soon. I've done 31 lines by now.


20.04.2016 10:42

20.04.2016 10:40

20.04.2016 10:34

Simon Erjavec

Sometimes, before you even realize it, things happen for a reason. You might not notice it in a day, in a month, maybe not even in a year... but when you do, at first a weird smile appears on your face... and then you start thinking what was happening over the time.

Simon Erjavec

I had so many plans for this year... I hope winter isn't really saying goodbye.

Simon Erjavec

I am 19 years old. Ok, 20 in one month. And I have to say that I am proud of what I have done today.

Jan Palovšnik

Another fantastic week is behind me.

Jan Palovšnik

Winter is finally here from February the 13th. It was snowing the whole night, so when we arrived on Vogel there was about 30-40 cm of fresh snow. FUNPOW all day long, wohoooo!!

Jan Palovšnik

It’s snowing since the begining of March… Currently, there is enough snow up in the mountains to do and to ski everything we want. About time, but better late than never.:)

Jan Palovšnik

As you can see from the title, today was more about wandering than skiing. 

Simon Erjavec

What a day it was yesterday on Vogel!

Simon Erjavec

I have so many lines and plans on my mind that sometimes they're confusing me.

Simon Erjavec

Snow, wind, cold and fog moved back into slovenian mountains... It feels like winter again.

Simon Erjavec

After Vrtača on Sunday, Jan and me decided to check what conditions we have above Pokljuka. We should go there, ski a few lines and have some good time.

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