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    <strong>F-ONE</strong> WING STRIKE <em>2021</em>
    F-ONE brings breakthrough design with the brand new STRIKE wing and its innovative concept.
    from 989,00 €
    from 890,10 €
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    <strong>F-ONE</strong> WING FOIL BOARD ROCKET WING V2 STRAP INS <em>2021</em>
    4'8 (STRAP INSERTS),
    from 1.249,00 €
    from 1.186,55 €
    <strong>F-ONE</strong> WING FOIL BOARD ROCKET WING ASC <em>2021</em>
    949,00 €
    901,55 €
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    <strong>F-ONE</strong> SUP FOIL BOARD ROCKET DW PRO <em>2021</em>
    from 2.199,00 €
    from 2.089,05 €
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    <strong>F-ONE</strong> WING FOIL BOARD ROCKET WING V2 <em>2021</em>
    The F-ONE ROCKET WING boards have been created specifically to foil with a Surf Wing like the F-ONE SWING. 
    from 1.269,00 €
    from 1.205,55 €
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    <strong>F-ONE</strong> KITE WING FOIL BOARD ROCKET AIR <em>2021</em>
    F-ONE inflatable ROCKET AIR board are very accessible and convenient to start-off surf foiling. They offer great flying capabilities as well as the versatility you need.
    from 699,00 €
    from 629,10 €
    up to 5%
    <strong>F-ONE</strong> SURF FOIL BOARD ROCKET SURF <em>2021</em>
    Specifically designed for surf-foiling, the F-One Rocket surf range has all you need to make the most of your foil.
    from 799,00 €
    from 759,05 €
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