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    <strong>BLACK CROWS</strong> SKIS CAMOX FREEBIRD <em>21/22</em>
    Best of the mid-fat touring skis, Black Crows Camox Freebird is lively, catchy and light. 
    Price with VAT:
    from 669,95 €
    <strong>TECNICA</strong> SKI BOOTS ZERO G TOUR PRO <em>21/22</em>
    True to the Zero G spirit, the award-winning Tecnica Zero G Tour Pro, a stiff touring boot for experienced backcountry skiers, provides best-in-class performance for the weight.
    Price with VAT:
    from 699,95 €
    <strong>ATK</strong> BINDINGS FREERAIDER 14 <em>21/22</em>
    ATK FR14 ski touring binding, being part of the new “RAIDER” family boasts the same production technologies, lightness and the new patented systems Snow Pack Proof System®, stands out for an improved set of springs that brings the release range from 8 to 14 and the new FREERIDE SPACER included.
    619,00 €
    557,10 €
    up to 5%
    <strong>BLACK CROWS</strong> SKIS FEROX FREEBIRD <em>21/22</em>
    Black Crows Ferox Freebird was born from the necessity of offering a bi-tip, double rocker, powder type touring ski which is still efficient on the edges. 
    from 849,95 €
    from 807,45 €
    <strong>NORRONA</strong> JACKET LYNGEN DOWN850 HOOD
    Making sure you stay warm when ascending new peaks, the Norrona lyngen down850 Jacket for men is the ultimate insulation garment when out ski touring.
    Price with VAT:
    379,00 €
    <strong>TECNICA</strong> SKI BOOTS ZERO G TOUR W. <em>21/22</em>
    A four-buckle women’s touring boot that doesn’t compromise weight for skiing performance, the Tecnica Zero G Tour W is a true backcountry gem designed for intermediate to advanced female backcountry skiers.
    Price with VAT:
    from 499,95 €
    <strong>ATK</strong> BINDINGS RAIDER 12 WHITE <em>21/22</em>
    The new ATK  “R12” ski touring binding family shows 4 different productive Technologies and 6 ATK® Patents, among which the new Snow Pack Proof System® which avoids the snow, ice or debris entrance under the toe piece locking mechanism.
    579,00 €
    521,10 €
    up to 35%
    The innovative Norrona lyngen Gore-Tex Jacket is specifically designed for ski touring.
    from 499,00 €
    from 324,35 €
    up to 10%
    <strong>NORRONA</strong> PANTS LYNGEN GORE-TEX PRO W. <em>21/22</em>
    The minimalistic and waterproof Norrona lyngen Gore-Tex Pro Pants for women are light weight and highly breathable ski touring pants designed for days with demanding ascents and thrilling descents.
    from 459,00 €
    from 413,10 €
    up to 10%
    <strong>NORRONA</strong> JACKET LYNGEN ALPHA90 RAW W. <em>21/22</em>
    Norrona lyngen Alpha90 Raw Jacket for women is our lightest mid-layer and is specifically designed for high intensity activities such as ski touring.
    from 129,00 €
    from 116,10 €


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