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Jan Palovšnik

As you can see from the title, today was more about wandering than skiing. 

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Winter swinging with its tail (?)

Jan Palovšnik

It’s snowing since the begining of March… Currently, there is enough snow up in the mountains to do and to ski everything we want. About time, but better late than never.:)


I don’t know where to start all I remember is unlimited amounts of powder and fun with friends.

First powder day was on Vogel on 4th of March. It was snowing heavily all night, so it was cca. 40 cm of fresh snow in the morning. First we did a CT test of snow. And the results were not promising. We have to be very careful where we ski.

Later we saw that the snow was more stable as it first looked, huh mood was immediately better.

So we were shredding powder, jumping cliffs and have fun all day long, till the last chairlift was closed.

Somewhere in the afternoon the weather started to change.. The new front with snow was coming, haha more powder in sight.

For the next few days I was skiing with regular company on regular places… That places were woods under Viševnik. Snow was falling non-stop for several days. So every morning when we came to Pokljuka we were looking to the untracked terrain. And the snow was waist deep every day.

Taking how fun every pow-turn is, would be a waste of time.. So I will tell you something about Tesday expedition. At first 4 friends agreed to go on a tour but at the end there was 11 powder-hunters on the parking lot. (me, Simon Erjavec, Luka Podlogar, Anže Štravs, Blaž Kajdiž, Darjan Drejc, Blaž Kajdiž, Jure Niedorfer, Blaž Vohar, Aleš Kegl, Gašper Slak and Jernej Auguštin)

Hiking up to the saddle and a rapid descent to the mountain Konjščica. This was followed by another ascent to the saddle under Ablanca and another amazing descent into the valley.

I had some troubles with my climbing skins…So I was firced to improvise. And I have learned 2 important lessons:

– always have ski straps with you, and

– duct tape is always a solution.

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    Related news

    Jan Palovšnik

    As you can see from the title, today was more about wandering than skiing. 


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