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Simon Erjavec 26.4.2016

Simon Erjavec

As many of you know it, it's my birthday today. And as many of you know (or not), I wanted to finish my project of #40lines till today. I haven't done this, but it should be finished very soon. I've done 31 lines by now.


Simon Erjavec 15.4.2016

Simon Erjavec

Sometimes, before you even realize it, things happen for a reason. You might not notice it in a day, in a month, maybe not even in a year... but when you do, at first a weird smile appears on your face... and then you start thinking what was happening over the time.

Simon Erjavec 9.4.2016

Simon Erjavec

I had so many plans for this year... I hope winter isn't really saying goodbye.

Powder in May or Climax of the season is coming

Simon Erjavec

I've had some time just for myself in the past few days... even if I am not alone, I'm surrounded by real friends who let me think differentelly, they give me inspiration and some kind of power which can be transformed to actions...

I have to say, that I really have awesome people around me, not many, but you know... doing on quality is better than quantity and I realized that I have the same friends since primary school... each of them went to different directions, but we all respect and support each other, what I am really proud of and thankful for.

With that amazing power coming from my friends, I realized how much I felt in love with skiing... some people say that it is an addiction to adrenaline rush, but I disagree... of course there are moments full of it, but I am not doing it because of that... I'm doing it because it's some kind of art - art of being in the heart of pure nature, away from ''normal'' life - flat, slow and.. well, normal.

I realized that I want to do that more seriously... it's true that I got used to skiing life style, and I like it, but soon I will have to start earning more money to realize new projects, soon I'll be sitting in classrooms of university and would think about being up there... but well, let's go with the flow and see what life will bring... I still believe all of the things happen with reasons and I'm thankful for this year to spend it with amazing people who really took care of me, I've learned a lot and I'm still learning, they help me with material, with company, with knowledge... and I'm really taking almost full advantage of it - I progressed a lot, (although I still ski terribly), I have stepped not one, but three steps higher.. Mac says that in the next season I should step one step back and focus more on flow, real freeride skiing and I actually like his idea... With progress also comes success and with success comes publicity... and that means trouble. Some people really like to talk behind your back, to talk bad about you because being younger, because you ski hard lines in a bit different way than people before...


I started my journey with an idea to ski hard lines faster, I train for it and won't stop it. I will push my limits further - slowly, but further, no matter what those people will say... and you won't make me weaker with your words... I won't stop because of some bitter, jelous people...

A huge snowfall happened in the end of April and we had gone to Molltal Glacier and took advantage of a ski pass and totally ridden all the possible lines.. it was a bit sketchy though, as fresh snow fell directly to hard, icy snow... unfortunatelly wind was blowing a bit and fog came in fastly...luckily we are strong and fast guys so we easily called it a day. :)

Photo: Anže Čokl

Then we enjoyed some more powder at home mountains in the past few days... mostly above Vršič pass on Mala and Velika Mojstrovka as you can get really high with car. One day I was alone, on my first ride with my narrowest skis ever - Elan Ripstick 96, which are really made for terrains I'm skiing on and in the following days I was there with ActionMama.com boys...

We probably cought the last powder this season, even though it was heavy and soft one, you could easily charge it down... fast :) We were group of five: Klemen, Matej Kosem, Primož Smolkovič, Anže Čokl and me... the first three went to Velika Mojstrovka, Anže and I decided to continue with our photo tempo to MM... and as he usually does, he made some good shots.

Next day we were there again, but on the other side of Mala Mojstrovka and we were three this time: Klemen, Anže and I... with perfect condtions for steep skiing, and even more perfect sunrise... how many coulours - from black to white, purple to green, blue to grey.. powder from the day before changed into concrete as snow was wet and night was cold... perfect for some serious technical training for following days! The upper part of the line we skied (we actually don't know the real name) had some soft snow, that kind of Chamonix snow, but everything else was totally concrete.
Anže has done amazing photos again and Klemen kept his eyes on us as every time before... Thank you :)

With the last snow fall which happened at right temperatures, our season has extended for some days more... I've had plans to make a trip to west to visit higher mountains, but naaahhhh... I will take advantage of our small country with great mountains and ski some more lines. I think that season is coming to its climax, to times when the best days out there will happen and some projects will be realized... let's see what tommorow will bring. :)


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