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Simon Erjavec 5.5.2016

Simon Erjavec

I've had some time just for myself in the past few days... even if I am not alone, I'm surrounded by real friends who let me think differentelly, they give me inspiration and some kind of power which can be transformed to actions...

Simon Erjavec 26.4.2016

Simon Erjavec

As many of you know it, it's my birthday today. And as many of you know (or not), I wanted to finish my project of #40lines till today. I haven't done this, but it should be finished very soon. I've done 31 lines by now.


Simon Erjavec 15.4.2016

Simon Erjavec

Sometimes, before you even realize it, things happen for a reason. You might not notice it in a day, in a month, maybe not even in a year... but when you do, at first a weird smile appears on your face... and then you start thinking what was happening over the time.

Or maybe the Climax will never come

Simon Erjavec

Or maybe the Climax will never come

Time flies by, days are getting longer, 
sun is shining stronger , 
nights are warmer, snow is thinner, 
soul is sleeping, mind is dreaming, 
friends are climbing, studying, working... 

and winter season is officially over for me.

...And I'm here, sitting on my favourite rock of my favourite trail, thinking about life while listening to birds singing... I hear river and cars below me, both are loud. Nobody was here for a few days... trail is narrow and exposed, rain drops have weighted the flowers which are now leaning towards the trail. I'm alone here, I'm always alone here. Maybe some day, I'll take somebody with me... 

'm sitting here and thinking about life. What I'd like to do, to experience, to see, what kind of people to meet... and suddenly I decide to enjoy the exact moment. Time flies... I have to go, I have to stay warm and run back... Heart beat rises again, legs are spinning on a flowy trail and lungs are receiving thin, cold evening air....


I had some difficult days in the past few days. Mostly because I hardly change my routine... and winter has become one of them. I got used to waking up early, living life at its finest and fullest, I got used to being away from this crazy, impatient world, from people expecting me doing things I don't like and listening people arguing about trivial moments and things... But at the same time, I like to change my routine. As long as I like the new one.

Triglav? Nice try

Foto: Marko Šosterič

Just when I thought that the best days of the season are going to happen, snow line had rapidly moved higher and sun was already too strong... I tried to attempt my skiing line on Triglav NE face, on May 7th. Waking up at one o'clock in the morning didn't hel pat all, I was just a bit too late. I should go toKredarica an evening before and start early to the top... so I decided to turn around and leave it for the next time... it won't go anywhere, I think.

Klemen, Mato and I went to one of those nearest classic ski-touring destinations for spring time -Kolbreinsperre. Parking place was filling with cars, so we decided to hurry up a bit and take our tempo to next level. If you're still asking yourself who were those three idiots running in ski-gear for one kilometer... well, we were haha. Maybe if we hadn't hurry up, Mato would not forgot his skins and run triple distance haha :))

We hadn't any real plans, but we called it day with 2000 verticals and 8 hours in our pockets... A nice training for those two for Chamonix and an excellent finish of the season for me. The only bad thing was... sun. We were totally sunburned and eventually got some new skin... :)

What is picture above showing? Something I couldn't believe my eyes. Seeing Mato and Klemen totally exhausted was something totally new for me...


It's time for white colour of snow being replaced with green colour of trees, red cherries and blue sky. 

It's time for summer.

I have officially ''given up'' on winter. Not because there wouldn't be one, it always is somewhere... some friends are still chasing it, but most of them are doing other things for some time already. I decided to become one of them too. Some would say finally, some would say why already... But I have my reasons. One reason is that I've been enjoying mixing al the things I do lately and yes, skiing isn't everything. But friends are. I disregarded them a bit, I'm sorry guys. At the same time I'm thankful for letting me doing things I love and enjoy, thank you. The other reason is that I can't really afford any expensive trips to West and the third one is that I actually don't have much time. And the last one would be that I have interest in doing other things too...


One of them is mountainbiking - I've had a wish and my parents enabled me one... I'm on my way to become a mountainbike guide. Some little things still have to be done though, but the main part is behind us. Mac was kind enough to let me ride one of hisMondraker bikes and I think I've fallen in love a bit. We were staying at Jamnica, in Koroška region, atBike Nomad, with the best possible company. I hadn't been riding singletrails for quite some time and all I can say is... Braaaapppp :) Even though we had primarly been on education, we still had much fun. I hope to see you guys soon again.

foto: Mac... Mondraker, Norrona and Osprey... life is good!


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