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Simon Erjavec

After Vrtača on Sunday, Jan and me decided to check what conditions we have above Pokljuka. We should go there, ski a few lines and have some good time.

Simon Erjavec

I have so many lines and plans on my mind that sometimes they're confusing me.

Simon Erjavec

Snow, wind, cold and fog moved back into slovenian mountains... It feels like winter again.

Simon Erjavec

I am 19 years old. Ok, 20 in one month. And I have to say that I am proud of what I have done today.

Eating sluff in Lenuhova grapa

Simon Erjavec

What a day it was yesterday on Vogel!

When I woke up in early morning, I thought ''damn today will be a wild one''. And it was. After big snowstorm with very light snow drops should be just perfect to jump... So Gašper Slak and I drove to Vogel to catch the first gondola. Of course there were many friends also and we were happy to see each other. 

Soon Gašper and I dropped the first cliff... and then another... and so on. We also cought up with Maj Štirn and Sandi Bertoncelj to took some photos and dropped some more cliffs. But more of that later.

Today Jan Palovšnik and I went to our playground after some time... Begunjščica of course. We finally wanted to climb and ski Lenuhova grapa. In the end we just skied it and climbed some other chute near Zahodna/Sestopna grapa.

When we came to the start of Lenuhova route, snow was more than a waist deep and under us there was a big snow cave, so we decided that it would be better to go around the ridge and just ski down. And it was so much easier!


To the half of a hill we were on skis and then booting up to the top. Snow was soft so we were using just our sticks. At the end of the chute terrain becomes very steep, which wouldn't be climbable without ice axes in hard snow. We rapidly changed our gear for skis and skied down to the neter of Lenuhova route in order to ski it.

I went down first as I know where the route goes and Jan followed me. After having some problems with bindings, he was a bit more careful... I didn't feel good from the beginning of the day so my skiing was bad also... But somehow you have to get to the bottom. I tried to ski a bit faster, but there is not much space so I more or less just drifted down. Somewhere in the middle my own sluff avalanche hit me and throw me down, but it was nothing serius, luckily.


Snow is sketchy right now and wind is blowing really hard and will do harder on following weekend. The upper layer is not stable and you can trigger it easily. Be careful.



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