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Povezane novice

Simon Erjavec

What a day it was yesterday on Vogel!

Simon Erjavec

I have so many lines and plans on my mind that sometimes they're confusing me.

Simon Erjavec

Snow, wind, cold and fog moved back into slovenian mountains... It feels like winter again.

Simon Erjavec

After Vrtača on Sunday, Jan and me decided to check what conditions we have above Pokljuka. We should go there, ski a few lines and have some good time.

Skiing the gnarliest lines on Begunjščica

Simon Erjavec

I am 19 years old. Ok, 20 in one month. And I have to say that I am proud of what I have done today.

I had been watching one gnarly line on my home playground for almost a month. A month full of preparing, trainings and waiting for right conditions. That line is named ''Večerna'' - Evening one. It has the highest grade of all lines on the mountain and I decided to ski it.

Starting at 5 am after wakeing up Urška, starring to the night sky and waiting for sun to rise. In a hour I was at the entrance of the line and sun came out.

When skinning up I was thinking about how quiet everything is. A light breeze was blowing and some birds were singing their songs. Sounds of my lungs and heart beating, skins were drifting and ski boots were bleeping.

I wasn't hurrying when climbing, but my tempo wasn't so bad either. Some parts were really... steep. Even though that line is marked as exposed, I hadn't feel it so much... I was really enjoying it actually.

When I came to the top, an old friend was waiting for me. He saw me from the bottom and he was sure who is climbing up... I didn't expect anybody there and he made my day even nicer. A quick chat and here I go, let's do this!

After Večerna I went to the next line, which is located a bit lower down the mountain. It's called Ostržkova or Smer Pavla Janca (Pavel Janc route). I was a lot slower than in the morning but somehow I made it to the top... sking was awful. Icy, exposed and narrow. Nothing interesting, but I made it. Another hard one.

On the narrowest and the most icey part I was soooo surprised about my Ripstick! I was standing just on my tips an tails and I didn't move for a bit. It really is one of the best possible skis on the market right now. And I am proud to ride it.

I knew that some day, I will ski steep faces. I think I made my first steps to the real ski-mountainnering. 




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