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    <strong>VOLKL</strong> SKIS VTA 88 LITE <em>2020</em>
    With specially shaped tips, a special wood core, and 3D.Ridge construction, everything about the Volkl VTA 88 Lite touring skis delivers the maximum climbing capability.  
    799,95 €
    639,96 €
    up to 25%
    <strong>SALEWA</strong> SHOES RAPACE GTX <em>2019</em>
    A lightweight men’s mountaineering boot with a nubuck upper and breathable GORE-TEX® protection.
    from 250,00 €
    from 187,50 €
    <strong>ELAN</strong> SKIS RIPSTICK 96 <em>2020</em>
    Praised by magazine testers and professional skiers alike, Elan Ripstick 96 has proven to be the ultimate freeride ski of choice for skiers looking for a lightweight and versatile stick for smooth skiing in all snow conditions.
    549,95 €
    494,96 €
    up to 15%
    <strong>NORRONA</strong> SHIRT BITIHORN WOOL <em>2019</em>
    Made for hiking and trail running, the new Norrona bitihorn wool shirt is a light weight and technical long sleeve with an athletic fit.
    from 79,00 €
    from 67,15 €
    <strong>GOPRO</strong> HERO 7 BLACK <em>2019</em>
    429,99 €
    374,09 €

    Special offer

      Grimnir is Terje Haakonsen "pro model" and the most advanced freeride helmet on the market, also tested and certified for use of GoPro® and Contour® POV cameras.
      399,00 €
      279,30 €
      <strong>ARMADA</strong> SKI ARV 106
      180 CM
      579,95 €
      347,97 €
      <strong>SCARPA</strong> SKI BOOT MAESTRALE 2 <em>2019</em>
      Completely re-designed, the new MAESTRALE is the right model for classic ski tourers who want versatility, comfort and performance in any ski trip.
      560,00 €
      392,00 €
      <strong>NORRONA</strong> HOODIE FALKETIND WARM1
      Falketind warm1 Hoodie is a versatile mid-layer fleece built for year-round activities.
      109,00 €
      65,40 €
      <strong>VOLKL</strong> SKIS SULUK
      177 CM ,
      299,95 €
      119,98 €


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