Avalanche Beacons

Avalanche beacons are a vital part of equipment for winter mountain sports, enabling quick location of buried individuals. An avalanche beacon is an electronic device that emits and receives a radio signal. Each group member uses their beacon in an avalanche to locate buried persons. Beacons are usually equipped with a transmitter and receiver. When buying, it is important to consider range, search functions, and battery life. Read more








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Avalanche Beacons

Avalanche beacons are a crucial part of the equipment for every mountaineer, skier, or winter mountain sports enthusiast venturing into potentially dangerous avalanche areas. These devices are designed for one sole task: quick and efficient location of persons buried under snow in the event of an avalanche.

An avalanche beacon is an electronic device that emits and receives a radio signal. In the event of an avalanche, each group member uses their beacon to locate buried individuals. Beacons are usually equipped with a transmitter and receiver, operating on the standard frequency of 457 kHz.

How Avalanche Beacons Work

When the search mode is activated, the beacon receives signals from other beacons still in transmission mode. The user follows the audio and visual signals on the beacon's screen, which guide them to the nearest signal, indicating proximity to a buried person.

What to Consider When Buying

When choosing an avalanche beacon, several factors need to be considered:

Range: The greater the range, the easier and faster it is to locate a buried person.

Ease of Use: In stressful situations, the beacon must be intuitive and easy to use.

Search Functions: Some beacons offer multiple search functions, which are essential if multiple people are buried in an avalanche.

Battery: A long battery life is essential, as you never know when you need the beacon.

Reliability: The beacon must be robust and reliable, as it needs to operate in extreme conditions.

Technologies and Features

Modern avalanche beacons include various technologies, such as digital searching, which makes it easier to follow the signal, and functions for marking the locations of buried individuals, allowing for the search of multiple buried persons simultaneously. Some beacons also have an automatic switch between transmission and search, which can save lives if a rescuer becomes buried during the search.

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