Šifra artikla: 174625 F-ONE


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Šifra artikla: 174625 F-ONE



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The F-ONE BREEZE V.4 remains the most user-friendly one-strut kite on the market with astounding light wind abilities matched with a complete ease of use and effortless control. This kite is for anyone wanting a lightweight setup that offers amazing handling with great performance abilities in the low-end. With our size range from 7m2 to 17m2, it is the perfect kite for light-wind freeriding and foiling in any conditions. Thanks to its stability and lightness, the BREEZE V4 can also perform in low-wind wave riding. Staggered Seams were implemented on both the leading and trailing edges to make the entire profile amazingly sleek. The seam’s tension line is thus broken, which means the entire profile of the canopy is leveled when the kite is fully powered. We kept the fabric’s orientation towards tension as well. The inflatable structure of the BREEZE V4 is made of HITEX 158g. This brand-new high tenacity polyester offers great resistance to elongation and therefore greater durability and performances. This kite also features our new NANO canopy 55g. This innovative micro ripstop polyester is used on the entire canopy. It benefits from a NANO coating and a Plasma treatment process that brings an increased rigidity, resistance to elongation and tears, and durability. These new fabrics and their placement on the kite allow a better control of the profile for a great stability and balance, but also extend its life. The strut’ reinforcement is now super smooth as well thanks to the Kevlar strip on the top. This improves the kite’s steering and maneuverability, reduces the aerodynamic disturbances, and decreases the overall weight of the kite once wet. In the air, the BREEZE V4 is so intuitive to fly that you can forget about the kite and concentrate on your ride. This unique characteristic makes it perfect for beginners and advanced riders alike. The handling has been finely tuned across the entire size range. The larger sizes are super responsive, making them perfect for any maneuvers. The smaller ones are optimized to handle stronger winds with total speed control and great stability while foiling. Relaunch, and even reverse launch, is instinctive and as easy as ever, especially in very low winds. The kite has been designed to work with a low V setup. If you want a lightweight, one-strut kite that can put a smile on your face in eight knots, the decision is easy. Enjoy thousands of possibilities with the BREEZE V4!