Šifra artikla: 133333 F-ONE


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Šifra artikla: 133333 F-ONE



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The F-ONE DIABLO V.5 kite is a Olympic-registered kite that copes with any conditions so you can focus on your racing. For the development of the DIABLO V.5, F-ONE spent a lot of time analyzing the current and potential future racing formats to determine what characteristics an Olympic race kite would require and how to get their riders to the top. As with all advancement, they looked hard at our previous kites, their strengths and weaknesses, and how they could use all our knowledge to move forward. Enter the next level of performance with the DIABLO V.5. They worked on a greater internal pressure, which means a very solid and stable kite dealing with high angles of attack and fast maneuvering. This kite offers maximum performance with the highest stability. Its new, simple, and clean technical design has reduced the weight of the DIABLO V.5 compared to the V.4. The high-performance construction also reduces material stretch. By removing the mesh over the vents, the V.5 inflates much faster and wingtips will pop out almost instantly. Their drainage system lets water and sand drain automatically. Using Technora bridles and a clever internal make up, they have reduced the total bridles keeping the same strength with less drag. This improves your angles and therefore your overall performances. They will constantly strive to improve the performance of their sail within the limits of what is allowed by the IKA for approved models (IKA: International Kiteboarding Association). That’s why they have a new bridle available on all production-models from January 2022 on, or on order. These V.3 bridles have again been enhanced and are truly targeted at elite competitors. They will bring a better upwind angle, more stability, more control when sheeting in, and offer the possibility for a high or low mode. Keeping up with the current racing landscape, the DIABLO V.5 works brilliantly on very short lines to give you the maximum performance. Using a new profile and arc, they have created a kite that can cope with any conditions so you can focus on racing. VMG, speed after maneuvers, fantastic angles, get ready to reach your best performances in every race.