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Šifra artikla: 174637 F-ONE



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The F-ONE ONE V2 is specifically designed for beginners and freeriders to progress in total safety. The ONE V2 and its Delta C-Shape kite offer a fast, simple, and efficient relaunch. Once the kite is sitting with the leading edge flat on the water, it will automatically roll over onto one wing tip. Any rider can then lift it out of the water and put it back up to the zenith easily and quickly. More time to ride is more fun! This V2 benefits from extensive Sail Engineering work and boasts new staggered seams and new fabrics. Staggered seams were implemented on the trailing edge to make the entire profile amazingly smooth. The seam’s tension line is thus broken, which means the entire profile of the canopy is leveled when the kite is fully powered. We kept the fabric’s orientation towards tension as well. The new fabrics were perfectly selected and placed on the kite to allow a better control of the profile for increased stability, balance, and durability. The inflatable structure is made of our new HITEX 158g and the trailing edge is made of HT80, a woven double ripstop high tenacity polyester that perfectly holds the shape of the kite. This kite also features our new NANO 55g canopy. This innovative micro ripstop polyester is used on the entire canopy of the kite, and benefits from a NANO coating and a Plasma treatment process. These three new materials guarantee great resistance to elongation and tears as well as increased durability overtime. The struts’ reinforcements are now super sleek as well thanks to the Kevlar strip on the top. This improves the kite’s steering and maneuverability, reduces the aerodynamic disturbances, and decreases the overall weight of the kite once wet. This kite can undergo many take-offs and landings, rubbing on sand, or hitting the water. We have worked on ensuring that it maintains all its performance abilities as long as possible. Perfectly balanced, it retains a good amount of power and gives excellent feedback to always know where it is in the flight window. With the ONE V2 and its great bar feedback, you always have the feeling of being in control of your kite and not the other way around. The kite can handle gusts perfectly and is at ease in all wind conditions, offering its rider a huge depower, even when overpowered. Always stable in the flying window, you are the master onboard with the ONE V2.