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Šifra artikla: 174673 F-ONE



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This F-ONE GUN Long Distance boards have since been used for high seas crossings between Mauritius and Reunion or by Serge Occhipinti between Martinique and the islands Saint-Martin.  With such success, these boards have always been in demand, but we jealously guarded the secrets of their shape! With the increase in demand, we recently decided to launch a production series to satisfy everyone who is passionate about long distance. 200 x 43.5cm, it is now doubtful that this gun is designed to reach high speeds and maintain its line in difficult conditions! The board planes on its central part located between the feet with a locally straight rocker for speed and accelerations with a massive concave to eat the chop. The tail is slightly raised to aid navigation in the roughest sea conditions, while the pronounced forward lean provides control and avoids nose digging. A lot of work has been done to improve the comfort of this board, as it is absolutely necessary to reduce the pressure on the rear legs to maintain high speeds over distances greater than 100 km on the same edge. The board is therefore thick under the front foot but very thin under the back foot. This helps you keep your back leg straighter which reduces stress. A lower volume on the back also allows for high speed control. The board is equipped with a set of fin-shaped tri-fins for high speed. Their moderate depth is ideal for high speeds and their placement is refined to the millimeter. Also capable of maintaining average speeds of 20 knots over 100 miles or reaching top speeds of 30 knots, this GUN is the perfect weapon for anyone who can't help but head out on the high seas!