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    <strong>NORTH</strong> KAJT REACH <em>22</em>
    Meet the North Reach, your desert island kite!
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    <strong>F-ONE</strong> FOIL SET IC6 950 V3 + ALU MAST IC6 85CM <em>22</em>
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    <strong>F-ONE</strong> KAJT BANDIT XV <em>22</em>
    15 years after the birth of the first BANDIT, the F-ONE design team has once again put an astounding amount of work to create the best kiting experience for all riders. Jump higher, perform your favourite tricks at ease, improve your ride. The connection between the rider and the kite has never felt so natural.
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    <strong>MYSTIC</strong> OBLEKA DOLGA MARSHALL 5/3 B-ZIP <em>22</em>
    Izstopite iz množice z najnovejšim članom Mystic neoprenskih oblačil, Mystic Marshall Front-Zip Fullsuit, dolgo neoprensko obleko z zadnjo zadrgo.
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    <strong>F-ONE</strong> FW IC6 950 V3 <em>22</em>

    F-ONE FW IC6 950 V3 22

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    The IC6 950 is very accessible and grants a surprising potential for progression. It is really the ideal first foil purchase, and its versatility will lead to fast and satisfying improvements throughout your foiling journey.

    • Aspect Ratio: 4.8
    • Very user-friendly
    • Versatile, intuitive, and predictable
    • Large range of use

    Made with our specific technology called Injected Carbon, our foils and stabilizers are very tough and durable. This technology makes our IC6 foils a lot more ding-resistant than conventional carbon wings. It has an aluminum insert at its core to provide extra resistance and better stiffness. The foil is bolted to the fuselage using two in-line and two offset screws, resulting in a geometry that ensures a very solid and rigid assembly.

    This foil is not only versatile but also very intuitive and predictable. The take-off is progressive and the ride in the air super smooth. You always have complete control of your speed and path and can make the most of your freeriding sessions.

    The front wing area is 950 cm² which is ideal for a wide range of use. With more lift, the IC6 V.3 is extremely easy to learn on, to improve fast, and to have fun no matter your skill level. Its elaborate design will enable you to ride at a very low speed or accelerate whenever needed while maintaining great maneuverability and a fantastic carving potential.

    The IC6 950 V.3 is designed for anyone looking to purchase a foil for the first time and progress with it, or simply to have a versatile setup able to bring high enjoyment on the water.

    The recommended fuselage and mast are made of aluminum. The mast plugs directly into the fuselage. The IC6 foil provides a stable and balanced setup and should be equipped with a 70 cm aluminum fuselage for kite foiling. An 80cm fuselage is also available for windfoiling.

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      <strong>RIDE ENGINE</strong> SLIDING SPREADER BAR 10
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      <strong>MYSTIC</strong> LYCRA MAJICA STAR DOLGI ROKAVI Ž. <em>22</em>
      Mystic rash vest Star long sleeve w. for women is what you need for ultimate protection against the sun.
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      <strong>MYSTIC</strong> TRAPEZ JAX WAIST Ž. <em>22</em>
      Mystic harness Jax waist W. has literally got your back, with a taller anatomical backplate maximizing on support.  
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