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    <strong>MYSTIC</strong> OBLEKA DOLGA MARSHALL 5/3 B-ZIP <em>22</em>
    Izstopite iz množice z najnovejšim članom Mystic neoprenskih oblačil, Mystic Marshall Front-Zip Fullsuit, dolgo neoprensko obleko z zadnjo zadrgo.
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    <strong>F-ONE</strong> KAJT BANDIT S <em>0</em>
    Second edition of the F-ONE's BANDIT S kite, with major improvements to take wave riding, strapless freestyle or even foiling to the next level.
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    <strong>F-ONE</strong> KAJT BANDIT S <em>0</em>
    <strong>F-ONE</strong> KAJT BANDIT S <em>0</em>
    <strong>F-ONE</strong> KAJT BANDIT S <em>0</em>
    <strong>F-ONE</strong> KAJT BANDIT S <em>0</em>
    <strong>F-ONE</strong> KAJT BANDIT S <em>0</em>
    <strong>F-ONE</strong> KAJT BANDIT S <em>0</em>
    <strong>F-ONE</strong> KAJT BANDIT S <em>0</em>
    <strong>F-ONE</strong> KAJT BANDIT S <em>0</em>


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    Second edition of the F-ONE's BANDIT S kite, with major improvements to take wave riding, strapless freestyle or even foiling to the next level.

    • Exceptional stability and control
    • Total direct control of the steering anywhere on the bar throw
    • Firm, precise and ultra-light bar pressure
    • Super smooth power delivery
    • Homogenous traction and amazing agility
    • Extended wind range


    There are two separate BANDITs however their development share the same DNA. This year the focus has been on the profile skin tension and the trailing edge design and construction.

    The new vertical panel layout complete with its warp line orientation at the rear of the profile and the new trailing edge design complete with our 135gr Dacron has greatly improved the control of the profile as well as the kite’s static weight.
    This new profile offers impressive stability and responsiveness  – both essential kite qualities for wave riding. The traction and the control of the S2 is the constant in any wind condition and everywhere in the window. The Bandit S2 allows you to ride on impulse which makes your motion so much more fluid.

    On top of this work we’ve done on the profile and stability, we have also modified the outline of the Bandit S2. The centre strut is now shorter and the wing tips wider – the result is the handling is now more reactive and the S2 will match the carves of your board.

    Every aspect of the design has been improved and the profile has been rethought.  The leading edge has an extra segment at the centre to give an even cleaner ‘C’ shape curve. We’ve also cut a segment from the tips to make them sleeker.

    The bar feeling has been tweaked and is now lighter and more precise – it’ll react instantly to your input.

    When you are wavering and riding strapless you are constantly using the bar to adjust the power and the direction of your kite. That connection with your kite is essential and we always use the term: “bar feeling” but it is a lot more than this.
    While working on the design of the new BANDIT S2 we made major improvements on the steering, especially when sheeted out. Most of the time when depowered, you lose the backline tension and therefore steering control. This is really noticeable in on-shore conditions where your kite needs to change direction before each turn.
    With the BANDIT S2 you will keep control and have very precise steering over the whole range of the bar throw with very little pull through your arms. You will find that your surfing skills, your transitions and jumps with naturally improve thanks to this enhanced control.

    Power delivery feels exceptionally linear and progressive, with smooth depower that is highly intuitive allowing you to have perfect balance and focus on your surfing or tricks. It never surges in power if you send it back quickly through the window.
    The control and stability in overpowered conditions along with its impressive vertical lift also makes S2 a fantastic kite for strapless freestyle!

    Most of our testing was done on the BANDIT 7 m, and we were amazed by how much wind it could handle! It was hard to believe we could surf with so much control, freedom and stability in that much wind. On other days we could effortlessly play in light wind with less technique than usual, pull the bar and let the kite handle the lulls and gusts!

    The BANDIT S2 is reactive, light and drivey making it the ideal kite for foiling. The stability of the S during the drift is a great help on a foil especially when your lines are slack during turns or carves.

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