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<strong>SLINGSHOT</strong> WAKE DESKA SOLO <em>2017</em>
Slingshot wake deska Solo je povsem nova crossover deska, ki sta jo oblikovala profesionalni rajder Dylan Miller in legendarni Slingshotov oblikovalec Tony Logosz.
579,00 €
451,62 €
<strong>SOORUZ</strong> ZAŠČITNI JOPIČ VAMP + ZIP <em>2017</em>
New building more flexible with more foam and more protection.
95,00 €
76,00 €
<strong>SLINGSHOT</strong> WAKE DESKA SHREDTOWN <em>2017</em>
Slingshot wake Shredtown 2017 je bil prenovljen in se sedaj ponaša z novimi koničasitimi Flex Tips in gladko obliko konice.
489,00 €
381,42 €
<strong>SLINGSHOT</strong> WAKE VEZI RAD <em>2017</em>
Slingshot wake vezi RAD so že od prvega dne favoriti v kolekciji.
469,00 €
365,82 €
<strong>SOORUZ</strong> ZAŠČITNI JOPIČ DELUX ZIP <em>2017</em>
The new wake vest Soöruz DELUX is the best impact vest.
109,00 €
81,75 €
<strong>SLINGSHOT</strong> KAJT RPM


Dobavni rok
Slingshot kajt RPM 2016. Slika je simbolična.

Six years ago Youri Zoon and Tony Logosz set out to create a kite capable of both winning world titles and appealing to everyday riders.  They succeeded in that mission with the RPM: Zoon won back-to-back titles and the RPM remains the best all-around freestyle kite in the world. The RPM is trusted by Youri Zoon, Carlos “The Freak” Mario, Sam Light and Alex Fox- four of the best kiteboarders in the world. It is the go-to kite for a kaleidoscope of riders across the globe, from newcomers and weekend warriors to freestyle fanatics and future professionals. The RPM will enhance your entire kiteboarding experience. With the 2016 RPM you get: • A proven, versatile design for all types of riding • Smooth load, insane pop and solid unhooked performance • Big boosts, powerful loops and massive carry • Intuitive Response System bridle- the best bridle on the market • Great range, excellent depower and easy re-launch • Trusted and time-tested bombproof Slingshot construction The RPM is Guaranteed to take your riding to the next level. RPM rider profile: You’ll love the RPM is you’re looking for a kite with amazing load and pop, unrivaled unhooked performance, big boosts, lofty airs and powerful but controlled loops. The RPM is the ultimate all-around tool for freestyle and aggressive freeride kiteboarding. The RPM is also an excellent option for assertive entry-level riders who want a safe kite with great depower and range that they can grow into as their skills progress. PACKAGE INCLUDES: Kite, Kite Backpack, Bladder Repair Kit, Quick-Start Guide, IRS Bungee Replacement, Pump Hose with One Pump Speed Valve Adapter



The legend continues with the 2016 RPM: The renowned all-around weapon of choice for world champion tricksters, soul-searching surfers and casual weekend-warriors alike. Returning as the flagship kite on Slingshot’s legendary lineup, the 2016 RPM is loaded with exciting and innovative features that will again place this kite at the top of the food chain and uphold its reputation as one of the most versatile and rock solid kites ever produced. 

IRS BRIDLE: Last year Slingshot introduced the Intuitive Response System (IRS) Bridle – an industry-first innovation that replaced bridle pulleys with a low-profile bungee setup that improved steering speed, response and general high-end performance. Feedback on the IRS Bridle was immediate and overwhelmingly positive. The 2016 RPM comes equipped with the same system, which gives riders a more fluid connection to the kite and gives the kite improved stability and smoother, more reactive performance. 

UPGRADES: In addition to the industry-leading IRS bridle, the 2016 RPM features upgrades to its already bombproof construction, including a tougher, more durable diamond leech trailing edge and a new DP 175 Dacron leading edge and strut material. These upgrades complement Slingshot’s proprietary tri-tech protection, making this one of the toughest, most durable kites on the market. Also returning to the 2016 RPM is an upgraded One Pump Speed System, which increases inflation efficiency to get you out on the water faster and with less energy than before. 

Take your riding to the highest level possible with the RPM’s versatile Open-C profile: 
The RPM is the original Open-C kite that started the entire category. It’s a proven shape that we created and others copied. The Open-C is an extremely versatile shape that provides the perfect combination of explosive power, big boosts, solid unhooked riding and high-performance handling. It also provides excellent depower, great range, solid upwind performance and easy relaunch.

Land the tricks you’ve always wanted, ride with speed and confidence, experience instant response with the RPM’s unique IRS bridle:
Slingshot’s Intuitive Response System (IRS) bridle is unlike any other in kiteboarding. This low-profile, no-nonsense bridle features high-tech bungee lines that expand and retract to keep tension and take up slack as you steer your kite. This results in instant and direct response in handling and eliminates steering lag time, wear on bridle lines and other issues associated with pulleys. 

Customize power, bar pressure, response and handling with multiple attachment points:
The RPM features multiple attachment points at the kite- both on the leading and trailing edge- that allow riders to fine-tune the kite’s handling and performances based on their riding style and the conditions of a particular session. This tuning is done quickly and easily and makes a big impact on the kite’s overall performance; you can choose different settings for boosting big, for unhooked freestyle, for user-friendly depower or for riding waves, to name a few.

Save time and energy with Slingshot’s ONE PUMP SPEED SYSTEM:
Slingshot invented the one-pump concept years ago, and today the innovation can be found on almost every kite on the market. The One Pump Speed System makes inflating your kite quick and easy; simply attach your hose and pump your entire kite from one convenient valve. Deflating is just as easy. This might not seem like a big deal, but if you’ve ever had to inflate and deflate your leading edge and all your struts individual, you know important it really is.

Ride with confidence and control with a stronger, more stable and more ridged canopy thanks to Slingshot’s Split Strut technology:
Created by Slingshot, SplitStrut technology has become the gold standard in kite design. SplitStrut integrates the kite’s canopy and struts into one firmly interconnected piece. This is a major design element in all of Slingshot’s kites, and it results in a stronger, more stable and far more durable canopy. SplitStrut enhances power under heavy load and creates efficiency and rigidity in the overall frame. 

Have unrivaled confidence in your gear, and in your investment, with bombproof Slingshot construction:
Slingshot coined the term Surf-Tough more than a decade ago, and today we take pride in our reputation for building the most durable kites on the market. Slingshot’s bombproof durability gives riders the trust and confidence they need to push themselves, and their gear, to new limits. As an investment, due to superior construction and durability, Slingshot kites hold up exceptionally well over time and have a high resale value. 
Slingshot designer Tony Logosz has defined quality kite design and innovation since day-one by. Most major construction techniques popular today started with Slingshot. 

Here are a few of the design standards and innovations we integrate into every Slingshot kite:

Tri-Tech construction: Ballistic Kevlar, Mark Cloth and Neoprene scuff guards are strategically placed to protect vulnerable areas of the kite from scratches, punctures wear and tear. 
Surf Tough tech: Strategic panel layout, superior canopy materials and precision engineered seams and stitching result in kites that can take proper beatings without issue. Slingshot’s unique panel layout not only adds strength and canopy structure, it also helps contain the damage to your kite in the event that it does tear or get punctured. 
Dimension Polyant 175 Dacron: DP175 is a premium canopy material used solely by Slingshot in the kiteboarding industry. This high-strength, high tenacity material is resistant to bias stretch and retains its structure exceptionally well, which is why we utilize it for every high performance kite we build. Where other brands have cut corners and selected lesser materials to reduce costs, Slingshot has remained committed to quality. 
Bayer Material Science Polyurethane Bladders: Slingshot bladders are made in the USA to precision specs using high-quality polyurethane. 

Sorodni izdelki
<strong>SLINGSHOT</strong> DESKA CRISIS <em>2017</em>
Slingshot kite deska Crisis z lažjim, bolj prilagodljivim layupom in blagim rocker profilom je ta uporabniku prijazna deska posebej oblikovana za rajderje, ki napredujejo z začetniške ravni na srednjo ali napredno raven.
od 459,00 €
od 413,10 €
<strong>MYSTIC</strong> TRAPEZ DIVA Ž. <em>2017</em>
Mystic DIVA je zelo udoben in mehak ženski ledveni trapez.
199,99 €
179,99 €
<strong>WAINMAN HAWAII</strong> KAJT RABBIT GANG 3.1 SMOKE 9M + BAR M <em>2017</em>
Wainman Hawaii rabbit gang 3.1 Smoke is one of the 3 original Rabbits that 8 years ago became and icon in the industry and the most popular and probably the most preferred kite in the range. This award winning design is a must to try for any kiteboarder on this planet, no matter what riding style or level, this kite has it all and when everything slows down, it is time for you and your Smoke. Boasting improved upwind and lift performance, which, combined with the new and improved bar may make it solid contender as a "perfect kite" for many riders.
1.540,00 €
1.078,00 €
With the Fighter, Sooruz is adding a new Neoprene range.
99,00 €
69,30 €
<strong>SOORUZ</strong> OBLEKA DOLGA FIGHTER 3/2 CHEST-ZIP <em>2017</em>
This FIGHTER series is a completely new product development
199,00 €
139,30 €
34,95 €
24,47 €
<strong>PICTURE</strong> PONCHO CHANGER 2 <em>2017</em>
od 49,99 €
od 44,99 €
<strong>SLINGSHOT</strong> FOIL DESKA CONVERTER <em>2017</em>
Zasnovana na podlagi Slingshotove priljubljene surf deske Angry Swallow, je Converter ena deska za vse!
Cena z DDV:
899,00 €

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