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<strong>SHARK</strong> SUP TOURING TRAVELER 11'8'' X 30'' <em>2018</em>
Touring - potovalne deske so namenjene tistim, ki imajo s supanjem že nekaj izkušenj in si želijo daljše hitrejše in smerno bolj stabilne deske, s katero se lahko odpravijo raziskovat tudi bolj oddaljene obale. Popolni začetniki naj raje posežejo po AllRound družinskih deskah
749,00 €
499,90 €
<strong>PICTURE</strong> KOPALNE HLAČE ANDY 17'' <em>2018</em>
64,99 €
45,49 €
Slingshot wakeboard komplet COALITION + čevlji KTV 2018.
908,00 €
635,60 €
<strong>MYSTIC</strong> TRAPEZ MAJESTIC <em>2018</em>
Mystic Majestic hard-shell trapez je narejen s podobno zasnovo kot Majestic X, a v vsakomur dosegljivem cenovnem razredu.
269,99 €
202,49 €
<strong>SLINGSHOT</strong> KAJT RALLY <em>2018</em>
Rally ima obliko Delta-C, stožaste vrhove kril, in dovršeno tritočkovno vpetje. Ta zasnova prinaša večji vetrovni razpon, kot tradicionalne oblike, olajša vodni start oz. “realunch” in zagotavlja uporabniku prijazen depower.
od 1.119,00 €
od 783,30 €

The master in waves, freeriding and a high wind freestyle machine! Mr. G is a newer member of the gang that joined the series in the 2.0 release, but rapidly gained popularity and respect. With a redesigned and different shape compared to his predecessor, the 3.1 Mr. G has perfect bar pressure combined with considerable lift and hang time, ensuring constant stoke in every session!


The 3rd generation of our flagship product has once again gone through a defined & strategic refinement process while maintaining the legendary Rabbit unique feel and performance characteristics. With a near perfect recipe for an all-round kite, the R&D department was very cautious to make fine adjustments in order to improve the product. There is always room for minor improvements and updates that will enhance the Rabbit Gang series kites without altering the core DNA. These improvements provide an overall difference to the complete kite package and it's unique performance.The R&D team has maintained the performance in each size, while focusing on improved construction and features of the complete package (Kite/Bar/Bag).

The RG 3.1 kite boasts excellent upwind and jumping performance combined with the legendary Rabbit power delivery, stability, re-launch, depower abilities and wind range separate the product from any other in the industry. The entire Rabbit Gang 3.1 range now offers a new canopy color, single point inflation system (Rabbit Air Flow - RAF) with a new quick inflation/deflation valve, new robust system of bladder valve welding, new front bridle system and rapid inflate big pump with gauge. Additionally, the RG 3.1 offers durable construction, adjustable bar pressure, direct and responsive handling and a proven/improved safety system. The RG 3.1 package is completed by the improvements to the control bar (RG 3.1 control bar) and the redesigned RG 3.1 kite bag.

During the improvement process of the new RG 3.1 kites and bar, it was our priority to continue development of this legendary product to achieve the same result as in the past - no matter if you are a seasoned Rabbit rider or a potential new one to the gang, when riding the RG 3.1 kites you will be ensured the best session of your life!!!



  • RG 3.1 Bar M-medium


RG 3.1 Control Bar

Re-engineered, safe & durable

  • Multiple bar setup options
  • Safe with 100% flagout
  • All new components/molds
  • Thinner bar shaft with new ergonomic comfortable grip
  • New precision engineered metal center piece
  • New harness loop system when hooking in
  • New Quick Release (QR)
  • Considerably shortened distance between harness loop end and bar shaft.
  • Increased durability of the depower main line
  • Simple, innovative, dingy guy
  • New (reduced sized) shaped bar ends
  • New bar ends provide for ease of use when winding up kite lines




The "Stock" set-up is how the bar comes "out the bag" and is geared towards the every day rider that engages his/her quick release in rare emergency occasions. In this option you attach the bar leash to the "safety" ring on buffer of the stock bar. When engaging the quick release in case of an emergency, the bar leash will stay connected to one of the front lines and "flag" the kite (depowers the kite 100%). In case of further danger activate your quick release on the safety leash to totally separate from the kite.


The "One Release" set-up is based on the simple principle that in case of major danger, there should be one ultimate kite release and kite will be completely detached from the rider. When choosing this setup you have to be aware that when your activate your QR, your kite will fly away. Make sure you don't ride upwind from anyone when activating the QR to avoid harming anyone downwind. "One Release" can be ridden with the "Dingy Guy" or without It. Attach safety leash to metal ring on the harness loop (where security pin named "Dingy Guy" is attached). When you unhook and let go of the bar, kite will depower the distance of the depower main line. If you activate your quick release, you will be completely separated from the kite. In certain circumstances, you may have time and choose to grab the Safety Handle on the buffer while activating the QR which will flag out the kite on one of the front lines.


The "Double Depower" set-up is for experienced riders only. It allows for unhooked riding and letting go of the bar without the kite "flagging" even if you activate the quick release. After you convert the bar to the "Double Depower" setup, attach the safety leash to the ring on the buffer. Activating the double depower (when you unhook and let go of the bar), shortens your center lines double the distance of the depower main line. If you activate your quick release, you will still be attached to the kite (safety leash) and you must activate the safety leash to release the kite.


The "Suicide Connection" set-up is for experienced riders only. It may meet the needs of expert riders who ride in waves and don't want to lose their kite. It allows for unhooked riding and letting go of the bar without kite "flagging" even if you activate the quick release. After you convert the bar to "Suicide Connection" by attaching the suicide connector to the buffer, attach safety leash to the ring on the suicide connector. When you unhook and let go of bar, the kite will depower the distance of the depower main line. If you activate your quick release, you will still be attached to the kite (safety leash) and you must activate the safety leash to release the kite.


The "School Safety" set-up is geared towards beginners and all other riders that want the safest option while riding. It provides the least wear/tear on the bar components and the smoothest flag out activation. This setup is ideal for kite schools and for riders that engage the quick release regularly. This is the safest riding method due to the complete power loss when "flagging" the kite on one of the front line in an emergency situation.


The “Para-Suicide Connection” set-up is for experienced riders only and gives you the same benefit of Suicide Connection with the benefit of flagging your kite if you activate your Quick Release. It may meet the needs of expert riders who ride unhooked and don’t want to lose their kite. It allows for unhooked riding and letting go of the bar without “flagging” the kite. After you convert the bar to “Para- Suicide Connection” by attaching the suicide connector to the safety bungee and feeding it through the metal ring on the harness loop, attach the safety leash to both the ring on the suicide connector and metal ring on harness loop. When you unhook and let go of bar, the kite will depower the distance of the depower main line. If you activate your quick release, you will “flag” your kite as the leash is attached to the grey safety bungee that flags the kite on a front line.




"Medium rocker, light weight, freestyle/wakestyle high performance board"  

The all new JOKE is AN IMPROVED continuation of its popular and award winning predecessor, with an exceptional blend of high performance characteristics combined with ease of use.

The JOKE's claim to fame is the industry first ‘3D’ bottom shape that is made by the convex bubble placed on the center of the board. This provides soft and effortless landings allowing you to continue riding even after awkward positioning during landing. With a lighter and slightly stiffer construction, the new JOKE also boasts deeper bottom channels for superior upwind performance and double deck contouring for optimal pop and reflex.  Channel profiles along the entire top of board assists in putting feet in straps and carrying the board.

This high performance all-round board provides every kiteboarder a blend of performance that is unique and exciting, from freestyle to charging wakestyle in the flats, hitting the sliders, cruising at your local beach or even carving the waves. Insane stability and spray free chop water riding, superb upwind ability, massive pop and fluid turns, together with its sporty but friendly character makes the new JOKE a perfect board for every rider that pushes the limits!

Alvaro Onieva, WH Pro Rider on the new Joke"The new Joke is such a solid board for wakestyle behind the kite: the big rocker and stiffness provides you a great pop and stability to ride in choppy conditions. It's also super fun to ride it in kicker waves...This board definitely is a spaceship!"

Sorodni izdelki
The Mystic Elevate Wave torba za deske je narejena iz lahke laminirane in obstojne najlon tkanine in tehta zgolj 2.4 kg.
od 239,99 €
od 191,99 €
Mystic VOLTAGE Quickdry tanktop, nova lycra majica širšega kroja brez rokavov, narejena iz kvalitetnega hitro sušečega materiala, primerna tako za aktivnosti v vodi kot na suhem.
39,99 €
31,99 €
Cena z DDV:
41,90 €
Mystic Majestic 4/3 D/L Fullsuit Front-Zip je zelo tehnično dovršena dolga neoprenska obleka z zadrgo na sprednji strani.
349,99 €
244,99 €
<strong>SOORUZ</strong> OBLEKA KRATKA FLY 2/2
Kratka moška neoprenska obleka Sooruz Fly z veliko odpornostjo in raztegljivostjo.
69,00 €
51,75 €
<strong>SLINGSHOT</strong> TLAČILKA KIM K KITE <em>2018</em>
Slingshot Tlačilka za kajt KIM K.
59,95 €
50,96 €
<strong>MYSTIC</strong> OBLEKA DOLGA STAR 5/4 BACK-ZIP Ž. <em>2018</em>
Mystic Star Fullsuit back-zip (5/4) dolga ženska neoprenska obleka z zadrgo zadaj je v primerjavi s prejšnjimi kolekcijami, za več toplote v predelu trupa, na prsnem in hrbtnem delu oplemenitena s Polar podlogo.
189,99 €
142,49 €

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