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    <strong>MYSTIC</strong> HARNESS MAJESTIC <em>2020</em>
    Mystic Majestic hard-shell harness is build similar to the Majestic X but at a price point that everyone can afford.
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    <strong>SLINGSHOT</strong> KITE RALLY GT V1 <em>2020</em>
    The NEW SLINGSHOT KITE RALLY GT is the evolution of our most popular and versatile freeride crossover kite.
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    <strong>MYSTIC</strong> BOARDBAG STAR BOOTS <em>2020</em>
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    Watersports gloves Mystic Smooth made from 2mm neoprene.


    Technical specifications   
    Material Soft touch neoprene (50%)
    Technical details
    Amara palm
    Velcro wrist strap

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