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    <strong>MYSTIC</strong> HARNESS MAJESTIC <em>2020</em>
    Mystic Majestic hard-shell harness is build similar to the Majestic X but at a price point that everyone can afford.
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    <strong>SLINGSHOT</strong> KITE RALLY GT V1 <em>2020</em>
    The NEW SLINGSHOT KITE RALLY GT is the evolution of our most popular and versatile freeride crossover kite.
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    <strong>MYSTIC</strong> BOARDBAG STAR BOOTS <em>2020</em>
    This Mystic Star Boots boardbag has been specially developed to transport boards with the boots still on it. That way you don't have to take them off every time you go on a journey, handy right?! 
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    <strong>MYSTIC</strong> HARNESS STAR HYBRID <em>2020</em>
    <strong>MYSTIC</strong> HARNESS STAR HYBRID <em>2020</em>
    <strong>MYSTIC</strong> HARNESS STAR HYBRID <em>2020</em>
    <strong>MYSTIC</strong> HARNESS STAR HYBRID <em>2020</em>
    <strong>MYSTIC</strong> HARNESS STAR HYBRID <em>2020</em>
    <strong>MYSTIC</strong> HARNESS STAR HYBRID <em>2020</em>
    <strong>MYSTIC</strong> HARNESS STAR HYBRID <em>2020</em>
    <strong>MYSTIC</strong> HARNESS STAR HYBRID <em>2020</em>
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    Developed specifically for beginners and junior riders, the all new Mystic Star Hybrid Kite Kitesurfing Waist Harness has all the technological aspects of Mystics top of the range harnesses yet at an affordable price. Complete with removeable velcro seatpart, this harness can be used as either a seat harness when starting out or comfortable waist harness. The Mystic Drip Kite Harness has a triple padding construction, 3D contoured neoprene interior and elasticated waist closure creating great comfort for the rider, but at the same time allows the Harness to move in sync with the rider, therefore allowing the rider to change their style of riding to suit the conditions. The Mystic Star Kite Waist Harness also features the unique Spreader Down System that stops the spreader bar to raise and dig into the rider's ribs, creating discomfort and even injury.

    Technical details
    Removable seat part
    Anatomical backplate
    Soft neoprene interior
    Non-slip print
    HP system included
    Covered side parts
    Multi hook | Bananabar | low torque fixation
    Spreaderbar protector
    Battle belt waist closure

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      Slingshot Dwarf Craft 3'6'', a compact freeride foil board for riders who learned on a longer, higher-volume setup and are ready for a new challenge and something more agile and responsive. While not strictly for advanced riders, it’s best suited for people who have their footwork and transitions fairly well dialed first.
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      <strong>RIP CURL</strong> TOWEL CORPO <em>2020</em>
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      <strong>MYSTIC</strong> BOARDSOCK SURF <em>2020</em>
      The Mystic Boardsock Surf protective sock for your surfboard is very handy for the surfer who likes to carry his board everywhere.
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      <strong>MYSTIC</strong> BOARDBAG ELEVATE LIGHTWEIGHT SQUARE <em>2020</em>
      Mystic Elevate Square Boardbag is the lightest boardbag of the moment, great when you travel by plane.
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