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    <strong>F-ONE</strong> KITE BANDIT XV <em>22</em>
    15 years after the birth of the first BANDIT, the F-ONE design team has once again put an astounding amount of work to create the best kiting experience for all riders. Jump higher, perform your favourite tricks at ease, improve your ride. The connection between the rider and the kite has never felt so natural.
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    <strong>MYSTIC</strong> FULLSUIT MARSHALL 5/3 B-ZIP <em>22</em>
    Stand out from the crowd with our newest member of the pack, the Mystic Marshall Back-Zip Fullsuit.
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    <strong>NORTH</strong> KITEBOARD ATMOS HYBRID <em>22</em>
    <strong>NORTH</strong> KITEBOARD ATMOS HYBRID <em>22</em>
    <strong>NORTH</strong> KITEBOARD ATMOS HYBRID <em>22</em>
    <strong>NORTH</strong> KITEBOARD ATMOS HYBRID <em>22</em>
    <strong>NORTH</strong> KITEBOARD ATMOS HYBRID <em>22</em>
    <strong>NORTH</strong> KITEBOARD ATMOS HYBRID <em>22</em>
    <strong>NORTH</strong> KITEBOARD ATMOS HYBRID <em>22</em>
    <strong>NORTH</strong> KITEBOARD ATMOS HYBRID <em>22</em>
    <strong>NORTH</strong> KITEBOARD ATMOS HYBRID <em>22</em>
    <strong>NORTH</strong> KITEBOARD ATMOS HYBRID <em>22</em>
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    AQUA | 138X41CM
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    Challange gravity with North Kiteboarding Atmos Hybrid! Our most popular high-performance Freeride board for explosive boosting, looping and stable, predictable landings. The Atmos is powerful upwind with precise edge control. Strategically placed layers of unidirectional carbon tape in the hybrid construction help deliver a well-balanced dynamic flex. Designed to ride overpowered with ease and control, yet still enabling early planing and low-end performance. The harmony between medium rocker, progressive outline and flex makes this the ultimate all-terrain board to take you to the next level, in all conditions. Edge harder and release into Earth's atmosphere.

    • Precise edge control
    • Medium rocker with balanced flex pattern
    • Single concave centre to quad channel tips
    • Hybrid carbon construction
    • Medium-high outline curve
    • Balanced rocker outline and flex
    • Dynamic flex
    • Lightweight impact resistant eco core
    • Durable ABS rail
    • Stainless M6 standardised hardware
    • Integrated grab rail
    • Ergonomic handle
    • 40mm Fins included
    • Recommended with flex blindings

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