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<strong>SWEET PROTECTION</strong> PANTS HUNTER DRYZEAL <em>2021</em>
<strong>SWEET PROTECTION</strong> PANTS HUNTER DRYZEAL <em>2021</em>
<strong>SWEET PROTECTION</strong> PANTS HUNTER DRYZEAL <em>2021</em>
<strong>SWEET PROTECTION</strong> PANTS HUNTER DRYZEAL <em>2021</em>
<strong>SWEET PROTECTION</strong> PANTS HUNTER DRYZEAL <em>2021</em>
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A must-have pant with waterproof and windblock materials for days with bad weather.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to go exploring when the weather is bad. The Hunter DryZeal Pants are delivered in a versatile, waterproof, lightweight and highly articulated package which is small enough to stay in your pack as a back-up plan. For unrestricted pedaling, the pants are made more flexible around the knees and seat area. With its laminated zippers on each ankle, the pants can easily be pulled over footwear and worn as an outer layer on top of your bike outfit. It can also easily be adjusted for a more personalized fit with velcro cuffs in the waist. These pair of pants are the solution for days with unexpected weather.

  • Our most versatile bike pant
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight and windproof
  • Laminated ventilation openings
  • Made more flexible around knees and seat areas
  • Easily adjusted with velcro cuffs in the waist

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