Trapez so pri Kiteskulu testirali na Sardiniji, v vseh pogojih pa zares dobro preizkusili na njihovem enomesečnem tripu po Braziliji

ActionMama / Bine Žalohar 26.4.2018

The impressions of a five-month adventure in the country of the rising sun "and plenty of snow" by one of the best Slovenian skiers.

ActionMama / Blister, Jonathan Ellsworth 19.4.2018

For the 18/19 season, Tecnica is completely overhauling their Zero G line of touring boots. 

For the spectacular ski event Red Bull Samo Gas he switched his ski cross rockets with Elan's Ripstick 96. 

ActionMama / Marker 20.3.2018

Ultra light, extremely durable and with superior features in this weight class.

ActionMama 20.3.2018

29 years old Sweden from Gällivare wins the FWT18 overall title before the final race in Verbier.

ActionMama / Matjaž Šerkezi 9.3.2018

Zadnji teden preživljamo v Nordijskem centru v Planici, kjer Planinska Zveza Slovenije gosti 90 alpinistov iz Češke, Slovaške, Madžarske, Hrvaške, Italije in Slovenije.

ActionMama 3.3.2018

New slovenian winter web portal, great news for backcountry skiers, ski mountaineers, alpine tourers and freeriders.

ActionMama / Eurosport 20.2.2018

Olympic slopestyle contest at PyeongChang in the name of Volkl riders.

ActionMama / Völkl 29.1.2018

Andri Ragettli​ has risen to become one of the top Slopestyle skiers in the world.

ActionMama / Norrona 22.1.2018

It is important to wash and maintain the products so that they perform as well as possible and last for a long time. All garments have washing instructions attached that must be followed very closely. GORE-TEX® products should be washed after approximately 150 hours of use, or when dirty.

ActionMama / BCA 3.1.2018

Traveling by air with a BCA Float pack can be a cinch—especially if there’s a local refill center at your destination or if you bring along your own high-pressure pump. It’s especially easy if you’re not traveling to or from the U.S.

ActionMama / Bruno Compagnet - the blackmail 22.11.2017

Prva vrana smučarske znamke Black Crows na smučarskem tripu v Julijskih Alpah v družbi fotografinje Layle Jean Kerley in našega italijanskega prijatelja Enrica Mosettija.

Manufacturers recommend test activation of your backpacks at least once every two years.

ActionMama 16.11.2017

Begining of the season is just the wright time for that.


As the name implies – The Scalpel series are precision tools for serious skiers and riders wanting to obtain free ride paradise.

Made for all seasons and any weather, the falketind collection provides the perfect year around set up for outdoor enthusiasts.

Nekaj koristnh napotkov za uvodni stik z wake osnovami za otroke, predstavlja štirikratni svetovni prvak Shaun Murray.

Vse kar morate vedeti o montaži smernikov na vaše napihljive SUP deske v nasvetih Starboard ambasadorja Dana Gaverea.

Starboardov napihljivi SUP "Touring Zen", na sejmu Outdoor Retailer show v Salt Lake City, prejel SUP Conect "Gear of the Year 2017" nagrado za najboljšo napihljivo desko.

ActionMama 10.7.2017

Nekaj nasvetov za lažje nošenje napihljivih SUP desk vam bo zaupal Starboard ambasador Dan Gavere.

ActionMama (Nikwax)  16.6.2017

Razmišljate o tem, kam bi letos poleti peljali otroke na taborjenje, kam bi šli s prijatelji ali morda načrtujete solo mini avanturo?

ActionMama 25.6.2017

Pravilno napihovanje in spuščanje zraka iz vaših Starboard napihljivih SUP desk vam predstavlja Starboard ambasador Dan Gavere.

ActionMama 18.5.2017

To je odvisno ali jih shranjujemo na vrhu vzpona, po končanem dnevu ali čez poletje do naslednje sezone.

Slingshot presentation Shredtown collection.

Hestra gloves are made to last. With some love and care they will last even longer. Good for you, good for the environment.

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