Choosing the best kite for yourself is an educated decision. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or pro rider, Slingshot has a kite that will match you better than your Tinder profile.

Windsurfing hydrofoil maintenance IS IMPORTANT.

F-One, a kitesurfing brand from France is one of the leading brands since the beginning of kitesurfing.

The all new Rally GT is the evolution of Slingshot most popular kite of years past

Slingshot pro rider Carlos Mario and Mikaili Sol have taken out the 2018 GKA Air Games Cabarete, in the Dominican Republic.

Seeking shred bestie: This is a board you can trust. It will be there when you need it the most and never leave you downwind. You will not walk alone on the beach again. With your shred bestie in tow you don’t just cruise, you shred.


One board, all conditions designed for chicks who rip. 

First and foremost, just because a board is classified as a good “beginner” board, that does not mean it’s only good for beginners.

What makes a good freestyle kiteboard: POWER!

Trapez so pri Kiteskulu testirali na Sardiniji, v vseh pogojih pa zares dobro preizkusili na njihovem enomesečnem tripu po Braziliji

Iztok Mrgole 9.6.2016

Napoved ni obetala ravno veliko, ampak žeja po kajtanju je bila prevelika, zato sva se z Žigom po dolgem času podala na enega najboljših kitespotov na Jadranu na izliv reke Neretve.

Iztok Mrgole

Za prvomajske praznike smo že drugo leto zapored z ekipo Kitelife-a okupirali Bol na Braču.

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