Paddle boarding offers boundless benefits to both your physical and mental health and sharing the experience with your nearest and dearest makes the activity even more rewarding.

Starboard inflatable SUP boards with new Deluxe Double Chamber Technology are now safer, stiffer, & lighter than ever.

We're proud to announce that from now the products from one of the worlds most recognize SUP brands are available in our shop.

"A beautifull looking iSUP with great glide for mid weight paddlers. Robust and well priced too."


Our Allstar Airline inflatable paddle board has been our most significant breakthrough in tuning rocker lines and deflection.

The deluxe construction of inflatable boards now come in our new breakthrough Double Chamber Technology which makes the board stiffer and safer than ever before.

Vse kar morate vedeti o montaži smernikov na vaše napihljive SUP deske v nasvetih Starboard ambasadorja Dana Gaverea.

Starboardov napihljivi SUP "Touring Zen", na sejmu Outdoor Retailer show v Salt Lake City, prejel SUP Conect "Gear of the Year 2017" nagrado za najboljšo napihljivo desko.

ActionMama 10.7.2017

Nekaj nasvetov za lažje nošenje napihljivih SUP desk vam bo zaupal Starboard ambasador Dan Gavere.

ActionMama 25.6.2017

Pravilno napihovanje in spuščanje zraka iz vaših Starboard napihljivih SUP desk vam predstavlja Starboard ambasador Dan Gavere.

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