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    <strong>DYNAFIT</strong> SKI BOOTS RADICAL PRO <em>21/22</em>
    Dynafit Radical Pro ski touring boot for men features the revolutionary Hoji Lock System and is an impressive all-rounder with uncompromising performance both uphill and down.
    Price with VAT:
    600,00 €
    up to 10%
    <strong>NORRONA</strong> JACKET LOFOTEN GORE-TEX <em>21/22</em>
    Lofoten Gore-Tex is Norrona's lightest and most breathable freeride jacket designed for dynamic mountain adventures and is very durable.
    from 549,00 €
    from 494,10 €
    <strong>ATK</strong> BINDINGS RAIDER 12 WHITE <em>21/22</em>
    The new ATK  “R12” ski touring binding family shows 4 different productive Technologies and 6 ATK® Patents, among which the new Snow Pack Proof System® which avoids the snow, ice or debris entrance under the toe piece locking mechanism.
    579,00 €
    521,10 €
    <strong>BLACK CROWS</strong> SKIS NAVIS FREEBIRD <em>21/22</em>
    Black Crows 102mm Navis Freebird ski dedicated to the spirit of adventure.
    Price with VAT:
    729,95 €
    <strong>PIEPS</strong> FIRST-AID PRO <em>21/22</em>
    <strong>PIEPS</strong> FIRST-AID PRO <em>21/22</em>
    <strong>PIEPS</strong> FIRST-AID PRO <em>21/22</em>
    <strong>PIEPS</strong> FIRST-AID PRO <em>21/22</em>
    <strong>PIEPS</strong> FIRST-AID PRO <em>21/22</em>
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    70,00 €
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    63,00 €
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    he PIEPS FIRST AID PRO is an emergency kit for First Aid on tour. The high quality filling with included Alu-Synthetic-Splint is perfect for outdoor activities.
    • Available as FIRST AID PRO (filled) or as FIRST-AID SPLINT (unfilled)
    • Big handle for use with gloves
    • Two main compartments for better arrangement and overview
    • Stow pocket for Alu-Synthetic Splint
    • Splint keeps the main compartments open
    • Additional small inner compartments
    • High quality filling for First Aid on tour: 1 x cohesive dressing, 2 x adhesive bandages, 3 x skin closures, 1 x tape, 2 x wound dressings, 2 x blister adhesive bandages, 1 x triangular bandage, 1 x bandage scissors, 1 x rescue blanket, 1 x protective gloves, 1 x first-aid tweezers, 1 x personal resuscitator, 1 x splint
    • Weight: 470 g I 240 g
    • Dimensions: 26 x 18 x 7,5 cm
    • Colors: front: red - black, back: yellow - black
    • Material: RipStop Nylon

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      <strong>SIDAS</strong> SOCKS SKI ULTRAFIT LV <em>2021</em>
      Sidas Very SKI ULTRAFIT LV, thin and compressive ski sock for skiers looking for performance and sensations. For a perfect match between the ski boot and your foot. Also available in ultra low volume.
      Price with VAT:
      49,95 €
      <strong>DYNAFIT</strong> PANTS FREE INFINIUM HYBRID W. <em>21/22</em>
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      <strong>BLACK CROWS</strong> SKIS VERTIS <em>21/22</em>
      Black Crows Vertis is a dynamic, playful short-radius ski (15 m), tailored for vitality. 
      Price with VAT:
      549,95 €
      <strong>MARKER</strong> GOGGLES 3D+ O.T.I.S.
      Everything about these goggles is new, with one innovation after another. The 3D+ OTIS introduces a completely new lens and clasp system that is the quickest and easiest lens-changing system in our collection.
      169,95 €
      118,97 €


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