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    <strong>DYNAFIT</strong> HEADBAND PERFORMANCE DRY 2.0 <em>2021</em>
    Dynafit Performance Dry Headband, a light, windresistant functional headband with lightly brushed inside and well know Dynafit design.
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    from 18,75 €
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    <strong>NORRONA</strong> JACKET LOFOTEN GORE-TEX PRO <em>2021</em>
    The iconic Norrona lofoten Gore-Tex Pro Jacket is a highly durable and protective freeride jacket made deliver premium powder functionality.
    from 699,00 €
    from 559,20 €
    <strong>BLIZZARD</strong> SKIS ZERO G 095 GREEN <em>2021</em>
    You may not have skiing a Himalayan couloir on your bucket list, but if you did the Blizzard Zero G 95 would be a good choice – it’s what Hilaree Nelson and Jim Morrison slayed the Lhotse Couloir with from 27,940 feet!!
    699,95 €
    580,96 €
    <strong>PIEPS</strong> BEACON MICRO BT BUTTON <em>2021</em>
    350,00 €
    297,50 €
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    <strong>PIEPS</strong> AVALANCHE RESCUE SET RACE <em>2021</em>
    490,00 €
    392,00 €
    <strong>PIEPS</strong> AVALANCHE RESCUE SET SPORT <em>2021</em>
    359,95 €
    287,96 €
    <strong>BCA</strong> AVALANCHE RESCUE SET TS <em>2021</em>
    T S Avalanche Rescue Package, BCA's advanced, more affordable avalanche rescue package. Includes Tracker S beacon with harness, Stealth 270 probe, and B-1 EXT shovel.
    369,85 €
    295,88 €
    <strong>BCA</strong> AVALANCHE RESCUE SET T3 <em>2021</em>
    T3 Avalanche Rescue Package, BCA's most advanced avalanche rescue package. Includes Tracker3 avalanche beacon with harness, Stealth 270 probe, and B-1 EXT shovel.
    419,85 €
    335,88 €
    <strong>PIEPS</strong> AVALANCHE RESCUE SET PRO BT <em>2021</em>
    530,00 €
    424,00 €
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