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<strong>NORRONA</strong> PANTS FJORA FLEX1 <em>2018</em>
Norrona fjora flex1 Pants were initially designed for mountain biking, but soon grew to be a favorite for a variety of outdoor activities.
189,00 €
170,10 €
<strong>MYSTIC</strong> HARNESS GEM JALOU LANGEREE W. <em>2018</em>
Mystic GEM JALOU LANGEREE hard-shell harness is waist style womens harness suitable for all land and water based activities.
269,99 €
242,99 €
<strong>SLINGSHOT</strong> KITE RALLY <em>2018</em>
Slingshot kite Rally features a Delta-C shape, tapered wingtips and fine-tuned three-point bridle system. This design yields more depower and a wider wind range than more traditional shapes and makes relaunching as easy as a gently pull on one end of the bar.
Price with VAT:
from 1.119,00 €
<strong>MYSTIC</strong> HARNESS MAJESTIC <em>2018</em>
Mystic Majestic hard-shell harness is build similar to the Majestic X but at a price point that everyone can afford.
269,99 €
242,99 €
<strong>STARBOARD</strong> SUP ASTRO WIDE POINT 10'5'' ZEN 5.5'' <em>2018</em>
10'5'' X 32'', ZEN 5.5''
899,00 €
854,05 €
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The Onset is the goggle that trail-blazed the EXV Collection and this groundbreaking goggle is back again to provide best-in-class crystal clear optics.

Lens By ZEISS optics, a low profile EXV spherical semi-frameless design, and the unmatched field of view that only Expansion View Technology provides. The Onset offers a full array of premium features plus Seamless Compatibility with all Giro helmets for superior performance, comfort, fit and function.




    Seamless Compatibility with all Giro helmets


    EXV – technologie Expansion View, Triple-layer face foam with micro-fleece facing, Anti-Fog coating


    Large size adult EXV frame

Lens Type

    Spherical LENS BY ZEISS



Expansion View (EXV)

Perfected at Giro's test lab in Scotts Valley, California, this groundbreaking new frame design serves up unparalleled peripheral vision. We started with a helmet-compatible goggle, and then shaved down the frame rim and added frameless zones to optimize a massive spherical lens focused on the best possible peripheral vision in a goggle.

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<strong>BCA</strong> PACK FLOAT 8L <em>2017</em>
Our low-profile, minimalist model for mechanized access and freeriding. Also offered as the Float 8 Compatible System, Pack Only.
469,95 €
375,96 €
<strong>VOLKL</strong> SKI KENDO <em>2018</em>
Volkl Kendo, the Mantra’s slender brother, built for lighter riders or those, who seek the perfect compromise on- and off-piste.
679,95 €
475,97 €
<strong>DYNAFIT</strong> SKI LAILA PEAK
The lightweight all-rounder Dynafit Laila Peak ski for a wide spectrum of uses.
450,00 €
270,00 €
<strong>NORRONA</strong> WOOL T-SHIRT <em>2018</em>
Norrona Wool T-shirt, merino wool first layer t-shirt is developed to suit your outdoor activity perfectly, regardless of the weather conditions, season or intensity level.
from 89,00 €
from 62,30 €
<strong>DOWNSKIS</strong> SKI COUNTDOWN CARBON 114 <em>2018</em>
182 CM
519,00 €
363,30 €
<strong>VOLKL</strong> SKI BMT 122 <em>2018</em>
Volkl BMT 122 touring skis, impressive performance with 122 mm under the binding, full carbon fiber and 3D.Ridge construction.
999,95 €
699,97 €

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