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    <strong>DYNAFIT</strong> BINDINGS ST ROTATION 10 <em>21/22</em>
    Dynaift ST Rotation 10 is impressive as a nearly indestructible binding with strong downhill performance, the highest comfort, and TÜV-certified safety.
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    from 424,15 €
    <strong>PIEPS</strong> BEACON MICRO BT RACE BUTTON <em>21/22</em>
    Pieps Micro BT button is the smallest and lightest beacon with a manual switch from send mode to search mode.
    320,00 €
    272,00 €
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    <strong>BLACK CROWS</strong> SKIS ORB FREEBIRD <em>21/22</em>
    A breath of modernity has arrived to enrich the Black Crows orb freebird, a touring ski which shouldn't be missed.
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    <strong>DYNAFIT</strong> PANTS MERCURY DYNASTRETCH <em>21/22</em>
     Dynafit MERCURY 2 DYNASTRETCH MEN PANTS, lightweight, wind and abrasion resistant Ski Touring pant made with stretch woven nylon.
    200,00 €
    180,00 €
    <strong>SWEET PROTECTION</strong> LENS CLOCKWORK RIG <em>21/22</em>
    <strong>SWEET PROTECTION</strong> LENS CLOCKWORK RIG <em>21/22</em>
    <strong>SWEET PROTECTION</strong> LENS CLOCKWORK RIG <em>21/22</em>
    <strong>SWEET PROTECTION</strong> LENS CLOCKWORK RIG <em>21/22</em>
    <strong>SWEET PROTECTION</strong> LENS CLOCKWORK RIG <em>21/22</em>
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    Make sure you cover all conditions with a spare lens for your Sweet Protection Clockwork goggles. Offering a wide range of different lenses for different conditions, the Clockwork goggles will cover your needs no matter the discipline. The Clockwork is developed together with our alpine ski-racing team athletes and is a low-volume, snug fitting goggle enabling a field of view like no other goggles on the market. Featuring Sweet Protection’s proprietary lens-technology RIG™™ they spesifically enhances the contrast in low light conditions. Other features include a molded triple layer face foam with solid ventilation. A one-of-a-kind fastening of the goggle strap gives a flush fit that keeps the goggle in place. Double lenses equipped with GORE® Protective Vents for pressure equalization will avoid deformation of the inner lens due to variable atmospheric pressure – providing optimal working conditions for the eyes. The Clockwork fits flawlessly with all Sweet Protection Volata helmets.

    Technical details  
    Contrast enhancing  
    Minimal distortion  
    Extreme impact resistance  
    GORE protective vents  
    Supreme field of vision  
    A unique coating to withstand water of any form  
    Lens Technology RIG™ – Retina Illumination Grading
      GORE® Protective Vents for Pressure Equalization
      Superior field of vision
      Extreme Impact Resistance
      Toric Lens
      Anti fog
      Super Oleophobic and super hydrophobic coating
    All Mountain 5/5
    Freeride 4/5
    Touring 0/5
    Race 4/5

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      Designed for the van-dwelling, lift-attending, ramen-eating core who live to ski, Black Diamond Dirt Bag Gloves pack all the value, protection and simplicity needed for daily life on the hill.
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      Black Crows Corpus Insulated Gore-Tex women's Pant with Goretex® 2-layer fabric, Primaloft® Silver insulation and Pertex lining is ideal for downhill, all-terrain and freeride skiing.
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      <strong>BLACK CROWS</strong> SKIS ANIMA BIRDIE <em>21/22</em>
      Black Crows Anima Birdie, the feminine version of the animal has finaly landed.
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