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With 3D.Ridge construction and extended Tip & Tail Rocker with camber under foot and UVO technology, the Volkl RTM 84 all mountain skis puts the skier in total control of the front side of the mountain.

From hard to fresh snow, Volkl engineers have created the performance standard that advanced to expert skiers will feel and enjoy on every turn. The brand new 3D.Glass construction allows notably increased power transmission, higher torsional stiffness and enhanced edge grip, enhanced edge grip.



Technical specifications
Length 162 167 172 177 182
Radius 14.7 15.8 16.8 17.9 19
Sidecut 131_84_112 131_84_112 131_84_112 131_84_112 131_84_112
Weight (with binding) / / / 3300g /



Technical details  
Profile XTD Tip and Tail Rocker
Core 3D Ridge Core
Base Base P-Tex 2100
Technology UVO
  3D Glass
  Full 3D sidewall
  Powered by Titanium
  3D Ridge
Binding iPT Wideride XL 12 FR GW Green
Skiing level Advanced, Professional
Hard snow experience 7/10
All conditions performance 10/10
Long turn dynamics 8/10
Short turn agility 4/10
Easy handling 5/10
Skier level 8/10

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