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The late legend Arne Backstrom had a vision that came to fruition in the Bodacious. His signature ski is designed for blasting steep terrain, nuking in blower conditions, and doing it all in total control, a la Arne. This year’s Bodacious features some changes to tailor it to the unforgettable days we all crave. Leading with the new Carbon Flipcore in the tip and tail, the Bodacious becomes more forgiving with a tapered tip and tail and no metal. Tip and tail rocker, flat underfoot, and 118mm in the waist round out the package.



Lenghts: 172-185-193 cm

Sidecut: 138-118-127 mm

Radius: 27.0 m (185 cm)

Construction: Sandwich Compound Sidewall; Poplar-Bamboo-ISO-Wood, Carbon + Ti

Binding Interface

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