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    <strong>DYNAFIT</strong> BINDINGS ST ROTATION 10 <em>21/22</em>
    Dynaift ST Rotation 10 is impressive as a nearly indestructible binding with strong downhill performance, the highest comfort, and TÜV-certified safety.
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    from 424,15 €
    <strong>PIEPS</strong> BEACON MICRO BT RACE BUTTON <em>21/22</em>
    Pieps Micro BT button is the smallest and lightest beacon with a manual switch from send mode to search mode.
    320,00 €
    272,00 €
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    <strong>BLACK CROWS</strong> SKIS ORB FREEBIRD <em>21/22</em>
    A breath of modernity has arrived to enrich the Black Crows orb freebird, a touring ski which shouldn't be missed.
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    <strong>DYNAFIT</strong> PANTS MERCURY DYNASTRETCH <em>21/22</em>
     Dynafit MERCURY 2 DYNASTRETCH MEN PANTS, lightweight, wind and abrasion resistant Ski Touring pant made with stretch woven nylon.
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    <strong>VOLKL</strong> SKIS REVOLT 121 <em>21/22</em>
    <strong>VOLKL</strong> SKIS REVOLT 121 <em>21/22</em>
    <strong>VOLKL</strong> SKIS REVOLT 121 <em>21/22</em>
    <strong>VOLKL</strong> SKIS REVOLT 121 <em>21/22</em>
    <strong>VOLKL</strong> SKIS REVOLT 121 <em>21/22</em>
    <strong>VOLKL</strong> SKIS REVOLT 121 <em>21/22</em>
    <strong>VOLKL</strong> SKIS REVOLT 121 <em>21/22</em>
    <strong>VOLKL</strong> SKIS REVOLT 121 <em>21/22</em>
    <strong>VOLKL</strong> SKIS REVOLT 121 <em>21/22</em>
    <strong>VOLKL</strong> SKIS REVOLT 121 <em>21/22</em>
    <strong>VOLKL</strong> SKIS REVOLT 121 <em>21/22</em>
    <strong>VOLKL</strong> SKIS REVOLT 121 <em>21/22</em>
    <strong>VOLKL</strong> SKIS REVOLT 121 <em>21/22</em>
    <strong>VOLKL</strong> SKIS REVOLT 121 <em>21/22</em>
    <strong>VOLKL</strong> SKIS REVOLT 121 <em>21/22</em>
    <strong>VOLKL</strong> SKIS REVOLT 121 <em>21/22</em>
    <strong>VOLKL</strong> SKIS REVOLT 121 <em>21/22</em>
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    VOLKL SKIS REVOLT 121 21/22

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    Built together. Brand new Volkl Revolt 121 ski is the culmination of a fantastic cooperation of our freeski and r&d team. The Revolt 121 is the result of a close cooperation between Lead Engineer Lucas Romain, Product & Team Manager Jean-Claude Pedrolini and the riders Markus Eder, Paddy Graham, Fabio Studer, Colter Hinchliffe, Tanner Rainville, Sam Smoothy and Tom Ritsch. The tip & tail rocker ski comes with a slight camber under the binding for that little bit of extra pressure und steering when approching the kicker. "Incredibly versatile" - that's one of the most often heard comments from people riding the Revolt 121. This is made possible due to the 3 radius construction and a specially shaped tip that works great for nose butters and drift turns in soft snow. The tough box construction with Multi Layer woodcore makes the ski strong enough to go where dedicated freeskiers dare to go.

    Technical specifications
    Length 177 184 191
    Radius (R1) 19, (R2) 17, (R3) 18 (R1) 20, (R2) 19, (R3) 20 (R1) 20, (R2) 20, (R3) 25
    Sidecut 143_121_135 143_121_135 143_121_135
    Weight gr. (w.o. binding) 2220 2320 2430
    Technical details  
    Profile Tip and Tail Rocker
    Core Multi Layer Woodcore
    Base P-Tex 3000
    Technology Tough Box Construction
      Multiple Radius Concept
      Carbon stringers
      Full Sidewall
      Taper Shape
      Twin Tip
    Binding Recommended Marker Royal Family
    Skiing level Advanced, Professional
    All Mountain Performance  10/10
    Powder performance 10/10
    Landing support 8/10
    Balance in rotations 8/10
    Butter support 9/10
    Gliding speed 8/10

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