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    <strong>BLACK CROWS</strong> SKIS FEROX FREEBIRD <em>2021</em>
    Black Crows Ferox Freebird was born from the necessity of offering a bi-tip, double rocker, powder type touring ski which is still efficient on the edges. 
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    from 637,46 €
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    <strong>ATK</strong> BINDINGS RAIDER 12 SILVER <em>2021</em>
    The new ATK  “R12” ski touring binding family shows 4 different productive Technologies and 6 ATK® Patents, among which the new Snow Pack Proof System® which avoids the snow, ice or debris entrance under the toe piece locking mechanism.
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    <strong>PIEPS</strong> BEACON MICRO BT BUTTON <em>2021</em>
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    <strong>DYNAFIT</strong> DOWN JACKET RADICAL <em>2021</em>
    Dynafit Radical Down Hood Jacket, light and warm - insulating hooded jacket with water repellent down filling for ski tours on cold days.
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    <strong>VOLKL</strong> SKIS RISE UP 82 W. <em>2021</em>
    <strong>VOLKL</strong> SKIS RISE UP 82 W. <em>2021</em>
    <strong>VOLKL</strong> SKIS RISE UP 82 W. <em>2021</em>
    <strong>VOLKL</strong> SKIS RISE UP 82 W. <em>2021</em>
    <strong>VOLKL</strong> SKIS RISE UP 82 W. <em>2021</em>
    <strong>VOLKL</strong> SKIS RISE UP 82 W. <em>2021</em>
    <strong>VOLKL</strong> SKIS RISE UP 82 W. <em>2021</em>
    <strong>VOLKL</strong> SKIS RISE UP 82 W. <em>2021</em>
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    VOLKL SKIS RISE UP 82 W. 2021

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    349,97 €
    170 CM
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    Volkl Rise Up 82 W, a sportive and light women touring model with 3D radius sidecut for all skiers who emphasize the ascent. When your focus lies on the ascent but you are still looking for a ski with great riding performance you should try the Rise Up 82 W. For the first time Völkl incorporates the 3D Radius sidecut derived from their freeride and all-mountain skis like the Kanjo or the Deacon, into their touring skis. This design combines three different radiuses which are fluidly connected with each other over the entire length of the ski. Thereby the curve behaviour is adjusted by the dominant waist radius depending on the edge angle. As a result this ensures smooth running at high speeds and a pronounced tip resistance in rougher snow conditions, especially off-piste. The Tourlite Hybrid-Woodcore enables us to produce the ski at a very low weight while still providing a reliable downhill performance. Of course the Rise Up 82 W also features the Smart Skinclip system which is compatible to the new Tech Fibre and Smart Glue skins.

    Technical specifications
    Length 156 156 163 170
    Radius (R1) 19, (R2) 11, (R3) 16 (R1) 21, (R2) 12, (R3) 17 (R1) 23, (R2) 14, (R3) 20 (R1) 26, (R2) 15, (R3) 22
    Sidecut 125_82_105 125_82_105 125_82_105 125_82_105
    Weight gr. (w.o. binding) / / / /
    Technical details  
    Profile Tip Rocker
    Core Hybrid Tourlite Woodcore
    Base P-Tex 2100
    Technology 3 Radius Sidecut
      Smart Skinclip
    Binding Recommended Marker Alpinist
    Skiing level Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
    Alpinism performance 7/10
    Hard snow performance 3/10
    Long turn dynamics 4/10
    Short turn agility 8/10
    Skier level 7/10
    Powder performance 1/10

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