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Slingshot wakeboard set COALITION + boots KTV 2018.
908,00 €
681,00 €
<strong>MYSTIC</strong> HARNESS MAJESTIC <em>2018</em>
Mystic Majestic hard-shell harness is build similar to the Majestic X but at a price point that everyone can afford.
from 269,99 €
from 229,49 €
<strong>SLINGSHOT</strong> KITE RALLY <em>2018</em>
Slingshot kite Rally features a Delta-C shape, tapered wingtips and fine-tuned three-point bridle system. This design yields more depower and a wider wind range than more traditional shapes and makes relaunching as easy as a gently pull on one end of the bar.
from 1.119,00 €
from 783,30 €
<strong>SHARK</strong> SUP TOURING TRAVELER 11'8'' X 30'' <em>2018</em>
Everyone can join in on the fun with the 11’8 Great White Shark Traveler.
749,00 €
524,30 €
<strong>NORRONA</strong> PANTS FJORA FLEX1 <em>2018</em>
Norrona fjora flex1 Pants were initially designed for mountain biking, but soon grew to be a favorite for a variety of outdoor activities.
189,00 €
170,10 €
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Technical specification Zen
Length 315 cm
Width 81 cm
Thickness 12 cm
Tail width 37 cm
Volume 235 l
Recommended user weight 90 kg
Weight 10.8 kg



A very light board.
Re-engineered Zen technology: more fibres, less coating and minimized glue usage. On the water you will sense the acceleration and fun feel of a light hull, actually up to 2 kg
ligher than our 016 editions.

A great sensation while paddling.
The triple-sandwich rail laminate acts as dual stringer stiffeners
and also make the rails incredibly strong. We replace double PVC layers with 2000 denier deck and bottom stringers, providing the board that rigid, crisp and stiff feel.

Clean Technology
The lamination process uses minimal glue and solvent and packing of the board is free of plastic.

Faster board inflation, with less effort.
The benchmark V8 flow valve gets you to 15–18 PSI faster and with less effort.

Added Features:
• Neoprene paddle holder and carry strap on the tail.
• Center board carry handle.
• Integrated towing D-ring on of the nose.
• Leash ring on the deck at the tail.
• 2mm EVA deck pad with croc skin texture.
• FCS II SUP Touring 9” for Paddle For Hope and
SUPKids Racer.
• Flex fixed fins on Converse, Drive, Wide Point, Whopper,
Blend, Atlas, SUPKids 8’0”and 9’0”.
• Supplied with Zen bag and Double Action pump.

*Recommended to inflate boards between 15-18 PSI for optimum stiffness and performance.


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<strong>STARBOARD</strong> SUP TOURING 12'6'' X 31'' ZEN <em>2018</em>
The 2018 Starboard Inflatable 12’6″ Touring Zen boards have cruised lakes, rivers, bays and oceans all around the world for the past few years.
999,00 €
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<strong>STARBOARD</strong> WINDSUP WHOPPER 10'0'' X 35'' ZEN <em>2018</em>
The 2018 Starboard Inflatable 10′ Whopper Zen’s shorter length increases the manoeuvrability, making it an easy board to turn, while maintaining good glide for flat-water paddling.
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<strong>STARBOARD</strong> WINDSUP BLEND 11'2'' X 32'' ZEN <em>2018</em>
The 2018 Starboard Inflatable 11’2″ Blend Zen WindSUP is the ultimate transportable all round windsurfing inflatable paddle board.
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<strong>MYSTIC</strong> PANTS NEOPRENE MVMNT 1.5MM <em>2018</em>
Mystic MVMNT Neoprene pant, new wetsuit from SUP MVMNT series, especially designed to ensure high breathability and a comfortable fit.
Price with VAT:
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<strong>STARBOARD</strong> SUP ATLAS 12'0'' X 33'' ZEN <em>2018</em>
The 2018 Starboard Inflatable 12′ Atlas Zen features superior glide for an all round shape yet has a comfortable 33” width for the extra stability.
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<strong>STARBOARD</strong> SUP ATLAS 12'0'' X 33'' DELUXE DC <em>2018</em>
The 2018 Starboard Inflatable 12' Atlas Deluxe features superior glide for an all round shape yet has a comfortable 33” width for the extra stability.
1.399,00 €
1.189,15 €
<strong>SHARK</strong> SUP LEMON 10'' X 32'' <em>2018</em>
The 10′ Lemon Shark Adventure is one of the most popular recreational boards.
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