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    <strong>STARBOARD</strong> PADDLE ENDURO TUFSKIN HYB. CARBON 2-PCS <em>2019</em>
    Starboard Enduro Tufskin Hybrid Carbon 2 piece adjustable SUP paddle is direct in the water, the first catch feels incredibly precise and powerful. Increased cadence due to a smoother waterflow around the blade.
    139,00 €
    111,20 €
    <strong>STARBOARD</strong> PADDLE LIMA TIKI TECH HYB. CARBON 3-PCS <em>2019</em>
    With the Starboard Lima Tiki Tech Hybrid Carbon 3 piece adjustable SUP paddle you can paddle harder with less attention to your strokes, adding a touch of magic to each stroke.
    249,00 €
    199,20 €
    <strong>SHARK</strong> SUP ALLROUND 10' X 32'' X 6'' + PADDLE <em>2019</em>
    Shark inflatable 10’ All Round Ride stand up paddle board is one of the most popular recreational boards.
    679,00 €
    543,20 €
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    Most Popular Inflatable SUP If you could only ever have one Red Paddle Co board, the Ride 10’6” is the one we’d tell you to get – it’s already the world’s most popular inflatable SUP but continues to win numerous SUP industry and consumer awards.

    Such success is due to the unrivalled quality, durability and innovation of all Red Paddle Co boards, but also the versatility of the Ride 10’6″ inflatable SUP. It’s designed to float and glide easily on flat water, and it has just the right amount of curve in the plan shape so it rides smoothly and predictably in surf, no matter what kind of rider you are. And it’s 120mm/4.7” thick, which increases stiffness while not affecting ride and performance. Practical cargo tie-downs complete an iconic package.

    The Red embossed deck pad offers comfort and grip and a diamond cut rear section provides even greater grip and stability when performing step back turns or during occasional use in the surf. It comes with our industry leading Titan pump as standard which will have your board inflated in half the time with half the effort and packs down neatly to fit into our all terrain backpack making transportation and storage simple.

    Technical specifications     
    Length 10'6'' 320 cm
    Width 33'' 81 cm
    Thickness 4.7 12 cm
    Volume 240 L  
    Rider Weight up to 100 kg  
    Weight  9.9 kg  

    Technical details  
    Technology RSS Batten
      MSL Fusion
      Bag with wheels
      Double Titan pump
      First aid for sup
      Water proof phone case
    Fins Moulded iFin system

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      <strong>STARBOARD</strong> SUP ALL STAR 12'6'' X 27'' X 6'' AIRLINE <em>2019</em>
      The 2019 Starboard inflatable 12’6″x27″ ALL STAR Airline stand up paddle board's 27″ width has a slightly wider nose for extra pop in choppy water and wider tail for greater control and stability when buoy turning.
      1.469,00 €
      1.395,55 €
      <strong>STARBOARD</strong> SUP ALL STAR 14'0'' X 28'' X 6'' AIRLINE <em>2019</em>
      The 2019 Starboard inflatable 14’0″x28″ ALL STAR Airline stand up paddle board has the widest outline provides added stability so the rider can reserve energy from balancing and instead use it to maximize paddle power.
      1.549,00 €
      1.471,55 €
      <strong>STARBOARD</strong> SUP ALL STAR 14'X28'' DOWNWIND AIRLINE <em>2019</em>
      The 2019 Starboard inflatable 14’0″x28″ ALL STAR DOWNWIND Airline stand up paddle board is the perfect solution for those wanting a downwind race board that’s fast and easy to travel with.
      1.549,00 €
      1.471,55 €
      <strong>STARBOARD</strong> WINDSUP iGO 10'8'' X 33'' X 6'' ZEN <em>2019</em>
      The 2019 Starboard inflatable 10’8″ X 33″ IGO Zen stand up paddle board, longer and slightly narrower to improve glide.
      1.199,00 €
      1.139,05 €


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