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    <strong>RED PADDLE CO</strong> SUP RIDE 10'6'' X 32'' <em>2021</em>
    Red Paddle Co 10'6 Ride MSL is the most popular inflatable paddleboard in the world suitable for almost any rider for any purpose.
    999,00 €
    899,10 €
    <strong>AIR DEGREE</strong> SUP ALLROUND 10'6'' X 32'' X 6'' +PADDLE <em>2021</em>
    10'6'' X 32'' X 6'',
    499,00 €
    399,20 €
    <strong>RED PADDLE CO</strong> SUP SPORT 12'6'' X 30'' <em>2021</em>
    People looking for more speed and glide to enjoy longer touring trips are going to love Red Paddle Co 12'6 Sport MSL SUP.
    Price with VAT:
    1.249,00 €
    <strong>STARBOARD</strong> SUP 11'2'' X 31+'' X 6'' IGO DELUXE <em>2021</em>
    Starboard 11’2″ x 31+″ iGO all round inflatable SUP board - incredibly fast outline and provides abundant stability.
    1.059,00 €
    900,15 €
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    RED PADDLE CO SUP SNAPPER 9'4'' X 27'' KIDS 2021

    Price with VAT:
    969,00 €
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    Red Paddle Co 9’4″ Snapper Kids SUP designed for little rippers up to 60kgs/132lbs that want a SUP of their own. The Snapper is the perfect way to get kids onto the water on their own board. Shorter and narrower than the Ride family, this highly durable board is made to the same rigorous standards as the rest of our range, but it’s dimensions make it easier for young riders to manoeuvre, whether on a river or catching the swell off a sandbar. In other words, it offers the authentic Red Paddle Co experience, just packaged for the next generation of paddler and is an ideal entry point into the world of SUP. Featuring our indestructible iFins, a six point cargo tie down system and a Red embossed decked with diamond cut tail section for additional grip makes it packed full of innovation enabling your little ripper to get the most out of their time on the water.

    Technical specifications  
    Length 9'4'' 286 cm
    Width 27'' 66 cm
    Thickness 3.93” 10 cm
    Volume 150 l  
    Rider Weight up to 60 kg  
    Weight  7.7 kg  
    Technical details  
    Technology MSL Fusion
      TEC AIR
      RSS (Rocker Stiffening System)
      Front handle
      Cargo system
      Carry handle
      Leash point
      All terrain backpack
      Double Titan pump
      Waterproof repair kit
      Waterproof phone case
    Fins Moulded iFin system

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      <strong>RED PADDLE CO</strong> SUP DRAGON 22'0 X 34'' <em>2021</em>
      Red Paddle Co 22'0 Dragon was built for racers who thrive on team spirit.
      Price with VAT:
      2.799,00 €
      <strong>F-ONE</strong> SUP FOIL BOARD ROCKET SUP <em>2021</em>
      Our experience of riding foils on Stand Up Paddle boards for the past few years has allowed us to design the best possible board to Stand Up Foil: F-One Rocket SUP.
      Price with VAT:
      from 1.399,00 €
      <strong>BRAVO</strong> PADDLE ALU 3 PCS <em>2020</em>
      Price with VAT:
      49,00 €
      <strong>STARBOARD</strong> PADDLE LIMA PREPREG CARBON FIXED <em>2021</em>
      Starboard Lima Prepreg Carbon fixed length paddle with very direct catch and ability to redirect automatically is what makes Starboard world champion race team choose the Lima.
      Price with VAT:
      399,00 €


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