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    <strong>RED PADDLE CO</strong> SUP RIDE 10'6'' X 32'' <em>2019</em>
    Most Popular Inflatable SUP If you could only ever have one Red Paddle Co board, the Ride 10’6” is the one we’d tell you to get – it’s already the world’s most popular inflatable SUP but continues to win numerous SUP industry and consumer awards.
    999,00 €
    849,15 €
    <strong>STARBOARD</strong> PADDLE ENDURO TUFSKIN HYB. CARBON 2-PCS <em>2019</em>
    Starboard Enduro Tufskin Hybrid Carbon 2 piece adjustable SUP paddle is direct in the water, the first catch feels incredibly precise and powerful. Increased cadence due to a smoother waterflow around the blade.
    139,00 €
    111,20 €
    <strong>STARBOARD</strong> PADDLE LIMA TIKI TECH HYB. CARBON 3-PCS <em>2019</em>
    With the Starboard Lima Tiki Tech Hybrid Carbon 3 piece adjustable SUP paddle you can paddle harder with less attention to your strokes, adding a touch of magic to each stroke.
    249,00 €
    199,20 €
    <strong>RED PADDLE CO</strong> SUP VOYAGER + 13'2'' X 30'' <em>2019</em>
    Red Paddle Co 13’2 Voyager MSL Touring and long-distance exploring with the Voyager range
    1.299,00 €
    1.104,15 €
    RED PADDLE CO SUP VOYAGER + 13'2'' X 30'' 2019
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    RED PADDLE CO SUP VOYAGER + 13'2'' X 30'' 2019

    1.299,00 €
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    1.104,15 €
    13'2'' X 30'' X 5.9
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    Red Paddle Co 13’2 Voyager MSL Touring and long-distance exploring with the Voyager range

    Calling all life’s adventurers… The 13’2” Voyager+ inflatable SUP was created with epic adventures in mind and is the board of choice of many extreme explorers around the world.

    High sides, large volume and narrower width make it a high-speed cruiser, designed for competent paddlers. It’s got a 6 point cargo tie-down system at the front and 4 point cargo tie-down system at the back for all your gear , and an extra-grippy traction pad to help keep your kit in place at the rear.

    Like the 12’6” Voyager, it has a RSS battens for increased stiffness and glide when loaded with gear, a removable fin from world leading surfboard fin creators FCS, which slots into the fin box easily by hand and are secured in place with a finger bolt.  5 embroidered carry handles on the board make portaging easy and comfortable whilst also being soft under foot. The Red embossed diamond cut deck pad offers unrivalled grip so you can focus on paddling.

    The 13’2″ Voyager+ also features a nose runner fin on the underside of the board to aid tracking in side winds, as well as two rear runner fins to cancel out ‘tail drift’ when the board is loaded with gear. And of course, it comes in our easily transportable All Terrain backpack and our industry leading Titan pump as standard.

    Technical specifications     
    Length 13'2'' 401 cm
    Width 30'' 76 cm
    Thickness 5.9 15 cm
    Volume 350 L  
    Rider Weight do 150 kg  
    Weight  11.5 kg  

    Technical details  
    Technology RSS Batten
      MSL Fusion
      Bag with wheels
      Double Titan pump
      First aid for sup
      Water proof phone case
    Fins Removable FCS US Box Fins

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      The 2019 Starboard inflatable 12’0″ X 33″ IGO Deluxe Double Chamber stand up paddle board has the longest fastest glide in IGO collection and is ultra stable for riders up to 120kg.
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      <strong>STARBOARD</strong> WINDSUP iGO 10'0'' X 33'' X 6'' ZEN <em>2019</em>
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      <strong>RED PADDLE CO</strong> SUP ELITE 14' X 27'' <em>2019</em>
      Red Paddle 14’0″ Elite MSL is unbelievable race winning inflatable SUP. Incredibly stiff, impressively strong and very fast. The Elite 14'0" x 27" SUP was born to win races!
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      <strong>MYSTIC</strong> THERMO PANTS BIPOLY <em>2019</em>
      Mystic BIPOLY Thermo pant, ligtweight, warm and quickdry pants, made from Polyester and equiped with Spandex fleece lining.
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