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    <strong>STARBOARD</strong> SUP 11'2''X31''X5.5'' iGO ZEN <em>2020</em>
    A good compromise between width and length makes Starboard 11'2'' X 31'' iGO Zen SUP for fast glide, straight tracking and easy maneuverability.
    799,00 €
    639,20 €
    <strong>RED PADDLE CO</strong> PADDLE ALLOY NYLON 3-PCS <em>2021</em>
    Red Paddle Co Alloy Nylon Adjustable SUP Paddle is their entry-level paddle, but no less technical for it.
    Price with VAT:
    109,00 €
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    STARBOARD SUP 11'2''X31''X5.5'' iGO ZEN 2020

    799,00 €
    20 %
    Discount price:
    639,20 €
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    A good compromise between width and length makes Starboard 11'2'' X 31'' iGO Zen SUP for fast glide, straight tracking and easy maneuverability. The new wider nose and tail increase the stability of the board whilst the higher volume mares up for extra flotation. The iGO boards are known to be steady, having good speed and being super easy to turn while stepping back onto the wide tail area. The board’s straight outline helps to paddle straight and you can paddle more strokes on one side before you need to swop over, which also helps comfort and even increases the overall speed. The iGO – the most popular inflatable paddle board range from Starboard, just jump on board and start paddling.



    Zen technology is Starboard's leanest, lightest and most budget-oriented construction with only the best core essentials. Zen is built with single layer Linear dropstitch and heat welded rails, making it even stronger and stiffer than before. New toolless fin system is quick and easy to set up.



    Glue is never forever. Starboard’s new inflatable welding technology uses a special heat welding technique to mechanically bond two separate pieces of PVC into a single solid unit. Heat-welded PVC creates an extra-strong mechanical bond which is stronger, lasts longer and is better for the environment. Welding creates a complete airtight seam without the risk of glue weakening over time.



    Linear alignment of space yarns, oriented only in warp direction (the direction of the board’s length) is maximizing the stiffness and response. Linear dropstich also secures the board’s shape better over time compared to standard knitted dropstitch and with single-layer coating  represents the lightest offering in our collection. What does it mean for you? An ultra light board with the best stiffness that single layer technology can offer.

    Technical specifications     
    Length 11'2" 340.4 cm
    Width 31" 78.7 cm
    Thickness 5.5" 14 cm
    Tail width 18.9" 48.0 cm
    Volume 315 L  
    Rider Weight 45-100 kg  
    Weight  9.3 kg (Avg)  
    All Round / Cruising 5/5  
    Wave 1/5  
    Tracking 10/10  
    Maneuverability 7/10  
    Stability 7/10  
    Speed 9/10  
    Technical details  
    Technology Zen
      Linear Dropstitch
      Welding Technology
      Shoulder Carry Strap
      Lightweight Leash
      Carry Handle
      Bungee Tie Down
      The Outline Shape
      V8 Pump
      Zen Board Bag
    Fin Set Up Single
    Fins Toolless Fin

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      <strong>F-ONE</strong> SUP FOIL BOARD ROCKET SUP <em>2020</em>
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