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    <strong>STARBOARD</strong> SUP 11'2''X31''X5.5'' iGO ZEN <em>2020</em>
    A good compromise between width and length makes Starboard 11'2'' X 31'' iGO Zen SUP for fast glide, straight tracking and easy maneuverability.
    799,00 €
    639,20 €
    <strong>RED PADDLE CO</strong> PADDLE ALLOY NYLON 3-PCS <em>2021</em>
    Red Paddle Co Alloy Nylon Adjustable SUP Paddle is their entry-level paddle, but no less technical for it.
    Price with VAT:
    109,00 €
    <strong>F-ONE</strong> SUP FOIL BOARD ROCKET SUP <em>2020</em>
    <strong>F-ONE</strong> SUP FOIL BOARD ROCKET SUP <em>2020</em>
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    1.349,00 €
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    Our experience of riding foils on Stand Up Paddle boards for the past few years has allowed us to design the best possible board to Stand Up Foil: F-One Rocket SUP.

    • Super Maneuverable
    • Stable & Forgiving
    • High Volume


    Our experience of riding foils on Stand Up Paddle boards for the past few years has allowed us to design the best possible board to Stand Up Foil. Being able to control the take-off from a stand-up position really makes things easier and this is why Stand Up Foiling is fantastic. It’s not only an easier step at the beginning and it also lets you charge steeper waves as you progress. The other key aspect is that on foil you’re flying far and coming back paddling on a Stand Up is a lot more comfortable than on a Surfboard.

    The challenge when designing a Stand Up Foilboard is to keep all the volume you need to paddle, keep the stability and take off ability while taking away all volume and length you don’t need while flying. The ROCKET SUP is the result of all our experience in various waves and wind conditions from the Mediterranean waves to perfect reef break.

    Short and narrow but still very stable thanks to the parallel outline, the ROCKET will let you take off from your usual Stand Up Paddle position and be super maneuverable on the waves. Coming down under the 7’0’’ length is a fantastic step when foiling and brings you closer to the Surf Foil feeling thanks to the compact shape.

    To choose you size in this new discipline is easy, just look at the volume of your actual board and not the size. Go for a ROCKET SUP that’s equal volume or slightly higher than what you use normally. The foil mast adds a lot of stability so you can use a board which is narrower than usual.

    The ROCKET SUP boards can also be used to Wing foil. So whether using a paddle or a wing, they are perfect boards to fly above the waves or ocean swell.

    Technical specifications        
    Size Dimensions   Volume Weight
    6’0 6’0 24.5″ 183 x 62.5 cm 80 L 5 kg*
    6’6 6’6 x 25.5″ 198 x 65 cm 92 L 5’7 kg*
    7’0 7’0 x 26.5″ 213 x 67.5 cm 105 L 6’4 kg*
    7’6 7’6 x 27.5″ 229 x 70 cm 120 L 7’1 kg*
    Take Off 90/100      
    Stability 90/100      
    Carving 80/100      
    Pumping 80/100      
    Technical details  
    Technology HD Foam Carbon Composite
      Bamboo & Carbon Deck
      Bamboo Sandwich Technology
      Beveled Rails
      Smart Handle
    Deck Inserts GoPro + US track + Leash Plug
    Fin Boxes Single US
    Included Equipment Full Pad
      Strap inserts
      Twin Tracks

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      <strong>RED PADDLE CO</strong> SUP ELITE 14' X 27'' <em>2021</em>
      Red Paddle Co 14'0 X 27" Elite was made for competitive types wanting to enter the 14’0″ class.
      Price with VAT:
      1.449,00 €
      up to 5%
      <strong>RED PADDLE CO</strong> DRY BAG ROLL TOP <em>2021</em>
      Red Paddle Co waterproof roll top dry bags are perfect for protecting your valuables and equipment from water, sand and dirt. Designed to be versatile, robust and long lasting they come in three different sizes to transport a variety of gear.
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      <strong>MYSTIC</strong> LONGSLEEVE NEOPREN MVMNT 1.5MM <em>2020</em>
      Mystic MVMNT Longsleeve neoprene (1,5mm), new wetsuit from SUP MVMNT series, especially designed to ensure high breathability and a comfortable fit.
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      <strong>MYSTIC</strong> BRAND JACKET NEOPRENE 2MM W. <em>2020</em>
      Mystic BRAND Jacket Neoprene (2mm), made from M-Flex neoprene and Rash material, especially designed to ensure high breathability and a comfortable fit, suitable for in or out of water activities.
      79,99 €
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