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<strong>RED PADDLE CO</strong> PADDLE CARBON 100 NYLON 3-PCS <em>2021</em>
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Red Paddle Co Carbon 100 Nylon Adjustable SUP Paddle, a perfect combination of a lightweight carbon shaft and durable nylon blade, is an ideal choice for all styles of paddling. The Carbon 100 Nylon paddle is the perfect companion to any board and is one of our best sellers. The nylon blade is highly durable, while the carbon shaft is lightweight and delivers maximum power transfer. The blade maintains rigidity thanks to the structural reinforcements throughout the blade which tapers towards the end allowing for flex in the blade where most forced is applied to avoid damage. The blade also features a rubber edge to protect the blade further.

Technical specifications
Blade 465 cm2
Length 180-220 cm
Weight 875 g
Material shaft Carbon
Material blade Nylon

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