Šifra artikla: IZ0046 VOLKL


Šifra artikla: IZ0046 VOLKL



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Smučarski set Völkl Secret 102 170cm + Marker Squire TCX demo This ski rocks and that's no secret! Volkl is introducing a brand new women's freeride ski Secret 102. This season the Secret 102 comes with Titanal Frame and Carbon Tips for more stability and dampening. And even better, it features the revolutionary 3 radius sidecut geometry along the full sidewall. This special geometry is 100% adjusted to the tip & tail rocker construction. Depending on the rider's speed or edge angle the effective edge becomes longer or shorter and the matching sidecut radius provides hold, maneouverability or smooth operation. The Secret is the number one recommendation for all the charging freeride ladies out there. You want to let it all out, here's the Secret to realize your goals. The Squire is Marker's classic binding designed for freestyle newcomers and lighter riders. This binding is super lightweight, sturdy and compact due to the Hollow Linkage heel piece and Triple Pivot Lite toe piece. The adjustable toe piece height makes this binding able to compensate for all different boot heights, meaning everyone will have reliable releases. The lightweight design and DIN of 3-11 makes this the perfect binding for lightweight skiers, freestyle skiers and those trying out wider skis for the first time. These bindings provide lightweight reliable performance across different skiing styles. This model is the adjustable demo version with additional longer mounting plates, meaning they can be adjusted after mounting to fit any ski boot if the boot is changed.