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    <strong>F-ONE</strong> WING STRIKE
    F-ONE brings breakthrough design with the brand new STRIKE wing and its innovative concept.
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    989,00 €
    890,10 €
    The ROCKET AIR range is a line of inflatable boards essentially dedicated to foiling sports: Surf foil, SUP foil, wing foil, windfoil and even kitefoil.
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    <strong>F-ONE</strong> FOIL SET GRAVITY FCT 2200 <em>22</em>


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    1.024,00 €
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    The foils of the GRAVITY line are designed to provide a solid lift with an easy and progressive take-off. In keeping with its best-selling carbon sibling, this GRAVITY FCT is the ideal foil to get started and progress confidently and constantly.

    • Aspect Ratio: 5.0
    • Accessible, forgiving, reliable
    • Smooth and early take-off at slow speeds
    • Stability and lift
    • Great speed control

    A GRAVITY foil is intuitive. It generates lift at low —and even very low— speed but does it smoothly so you can easily keep your balance.

    The range includes two sizes: 1800 and 2200 cm². Foils with such areas support an early take-off and more lift and stability. However, F-one still made sure they also come with enough aspect ratio to maintain a decent speed range and to avoid unnecessary drag.

    The span is generous, making it a very reliable and intuitive foil. It also allows you to control low speeds and is overall extremely stable. The refined shape details such as the arch curvature, the profile and the wing tips insure it remains highly maneuverable.

    This GRAVITY FCT range is a fantastic option for anybody looking to discover foiling and wanting to consistently progress. Its durable and sturdy materials can withstand the typical mistakes of the early learning stages, and this foil is overall extremely forgiving.

    The GRAVITY FCT line is more precisely built with the Foil Compression Technology, a F-ONE innovation that offers impressive mechanical properties. The fuselage can be connected to the standard F-ONE aluminum mast of the desired length. The setup and disassembly are also extremely easy, and the whole is very travel friendly. All in all, this technology provides one of the most accessible and scalable foil setups whilst keeping the DNA of its carbon counterpart.

    The GRAVITY FCT is recommended with the IC6 300 stab. This stabilizer offers easy take-off and good directional stability for a secure feel which is perfect when riding. Built using the IC6 technology, it is both strong and durable.

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      <strong>F-ONE</strong> WING FOIL DESKA ROCKET WING S CARBON <em>22</em>
      Always aiming to stay ahead of the curve, the F-ONE team unveils the ROCKET WING-S, its newest, most impressive, and superior wing foil board to date. This CARBON version is a wing foil freestyle and surf weapon, and helped our rider Titouan Galéa win the first wing foil World Championship title in surf-freestyle and the GWA Wingfoil Tour in race.
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      od 1.169,00 €
      do 5%
      <strong>NORTH</strong> FOIL DESKA SEEK <em>22</em>
      North Kiteboarding Seek Foilboard!
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      od 1.399,00 €
      od 1.329,05 €
      <strong>F-ONE</strong> WING FOIL DESKA ROCKET WING V2 <em>22</em>
      The F-ONE ROCKET WING boards have been created specifically to foil with a Surf Wing like the F-ONE SWING. 
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      od 1.079,00 €
      <strong>SLINGSHOT</strong> FOIL HOVER GLIDE FWING V1 <em>22</em>
      Z napredovanjem športa winganja vidimo, da se minimumi uporabnega vetra znižujejo in vedno lažje je povezovati zaporedne valove. Paket FWING V1 je zasnovan tako, da vam pomaga hitro napredovati.
      Redna cena:
      1.153,00 €
      1.037,70 €


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