Climbing Skins

Climbing skins are essential equipment for ski touring adventures. They are made of thin layers of special materials attached to the skis' underside, allowing the skier to ascend steep slopes while preventing sliding. Essentially, skins are a tool that enables forward movement during ascent and simultaneously prevents sliding backward. Choosing the right skins that meet your needs is particularly important. Read more

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Climbing Skins

Ski touring, a thrilling blend of movement, nature, and freedom, is a beloved pursuit among mountain enthusiasts. A crucial component of this experience is climbing skins. Climbing skins are thin layers of specialized material attached to the bottom of your skis. Affixed to skis, these skins empower skiers to conquer steep slopes without sliding backward during ascents. Essentially, they are a tool that enables skiers to move forward during climbs while preventing backward slipping. After the ascent, these skins are effortlessly removed from the skis and stowed away in your backpack.

Different Types of climbing skins

When selecting climbing skins, you'll encounter various types based on the material from which they are made and their attachment method.

Mohair: Traditionally, climbing skins were made from mohair. Mohair provides exceptional grip but has somewhat lower durability than climbing skins and other materials.

Nylon: Nylon has gained popularity due to its durability and excellent waterproof properties. It offers a good grip and reliability during winter tours.

Mixed Materials: Some manufacturers utilize a combination of materials for making climbing skins, which combines the advantages of mohair and nylon while enhancing durability.

Based on the attachment method, some skins adhere with adhesive and adhesive-free climbing skins. Adhesive-free climbing skins, also known as vacuum skins, enable vacuum attachment to the skis. This type of skin is also excellent because it allows for easy application and maintenance.

In our selection of high-quality climbing skins, you can find renowned brands, including Blizzard, Dynafit, Pomoca, Elan, and many others.

Cutting and Customization of climbing skins

Preparing climbing skins for attachment to skis is an essential factor in purchasing and handling climbing skins. Many ski manufacturers offer climbing skins under their brand, already tailored to fit their models of touring skis. Nevertheless, many skiers often buy climbing skins independently of the ski manufacturer's brand and then customize them to fit their touring skis. As part of our offering, we provide the service of cutting climbing skins to ensure a perfect fit for your touring skis.

Climbing skins accessories

In addition to the climbing skins themselves, we offer various climbing skins accessories, including straps for attaching skins to skis, buckles, attachments, elastic cords, adhesives, waxes for climbing skins, cleaning sprays for climbing skins, and much more. All of these accessories contribute to greater adaptability and efficiency of your equipment or are intended for refurbishing your gear.

Ski Equipment Rental

If you're unsure which equipment is right, use our ski equipment rental service. It allows you to test different ski binding models before making a purchase, ensuring that you have the best skiing experience on the slopes.