Ski Crampons

Backcountry skiing takes place in nature, away from groomed ski slopes, where we face variable terrain and different weather conditions. In such demanding conditions, crampons become an indispensable part of your equipment. Crampons are special devices attached under your ski touring bindings. They are designed to provide better grip on hard and icy surfaces where skis alone do not Read more







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Ski Crampons

Ski crampons are a crucial part of every touring skier's equipment. Touring skiing takes place in unregulated ski areas, typically in pristine nature, where you encounter variable terrain and different weather conditions. It's precisely in such demanding conditions that ski crampons become indispensable.

What are ski crampons or crampons for bindings?

Crampons are special devices that attach to your touring ski bindings. They are designed to provide better grip on hard and icy surfaces where skis alone don't offer sufficient traction. Ski crampons are crucial for your safety and successful ascent when embarking on more challenging tours that include steep slopes and icy terrain.

Materials used in making ski crampons

Ski crampons are usually made from lightweight and durable materials such as aluminum or steel. Aluminum crampons are popular due to their low weight, while steel crampons are more robust and suitable for demanding terrains. Choose materials based on your needs and expected conditions during the tour.

Considerations when buying ski crampons

When choosing ski crampons, there are several key aspects to consider:

Crampon width: Ski crampons should always be wider than the width of your skis but not too wide to prevent them from shifting and causing instability.

Compatibility with bindings: Check if the crampons are compatible with your touring ski bindings. Certain crampon models are better suited for specific binding types.

Crampon incline: Select crampons with the appropriate tooth incline that matches your skiing style and the terrain you will traverse.

Brands available in our inventory

In our selection of binder crampons, you'll find products from renowned brands like ATK, Dynafit, Marker, Plum, and many others. Our inventory includes various types of crampons to meet different skiers' needs. We're confident that in our inventory, you'll find the perfect ski crampons for your mountain adventures. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced touring skier, ski crampons are a crucial part of your equipment.

Ski Equipment Rental

If you're unsure which equipment is right, use our ski equipment rental service. It allows you to test different ski binding models before making a purchase, ensuring that you have the best skiing experience on the slopes. Our ski equipment offerings include only top-quality products that have been field-tested and provide comfort, safety, and performance. With us, you'll be ready for everything that the winter season has to offer.