Ski Underwear

Ski underwear is essential for every skier, providing warmth and comfort in the snow. Worn directly against the skin, it has two primary tasks: maintaining body heat and wicking away moisture. A skier must stay dry and warm in cold winter conditions, directly impacting their comfort and performance. Consider the material, fit, breathability, and maintenance among our carefully chosen brands. Read more








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Ski Underwear

In the skiing world, where every detail of equipment contributes to the overall experience, ski underwear plays a significant role. They are not just a basic layer of clothing but the foundation of comfort, warmth, and functionality, enabling skiers to fully immerse themselves in the joys of the snow. Ski underwear, worn directly against the skin, has two primary functions: maintaining body heat and wicking away moisture. In cold winter conditions, a skier must stay dry and warm, as this directly impacts their comfort and performance.

What to Consider When Buying Ski Underwear?

Material: Choose underwear made from merino wool for natural thermal insulation and moisture-wicking or synthetic materials for quick drying and durability.

Fit: The underwear should be snug yet comfortable, ensuring optimal functionality.

Breathability: Opt for materials that allow the skin to breathe, thus preventing overheating.

Maintenance: Check if the underwear is easy to maintain and resistant to frequent washing.

Technologies and Materials

Advanced technologies, such as antibacterial treatment and seamless construction, enhance the comfort and functionality of underwear. Innovative materials, like merino wool, provide natural thermoregulation and moisture-wicking.

In our selection, you will find ski underwear from renowned brands such as Mons Royale, Dynafit, Salewa, Norrona, and others, known for their quality and innovation.

Ski Equipment Rental

If you are unsure which equipment is right, use our ski equipment rental service. This allows you to try different models before buying, ensuring you have the best skiing experience on the slopes.