Skiing is a passion, freedom, and an unforgettable experience that takes us to the mountain slopes every winter. It is one of the most popular winter activities, offering a unique combination of adrenaline, freedom, and connection with nature. In skiing, choosing the right skis is important as it affects your experience on the snowy slopes. There are different types or kinds of skis, which mainly differ in the purpose of using them. Read more





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Welcome to the skiing world, where white peaks and freshly fallen snow merge into a magical winter wonderland. Skiing is more than just a sport - it's a passion, freedom, and an unforgettable experience that takes us to the mountains every winter. And it doesn't matter if you're a beginner, an experienced skier, or an adventurer seeking untouched terrain - the right skis are the key to unforgettable moments in the snow. Skiing is one of the most popular winter activities, offering a unique blend of adrenaline, freedom, and a connection to nature. Whatever your skiing style, we're here to help you find the perfect skis for your adventures.

Choosing Skis Based on Their Characteristics

In skiing, selecting the right skis is crucial as it profoundly affects your experience on the snowy slopes. When choosing skis, you often encounter terms such as ski radius, ski width and length, and ski rocker type

Ski Radius: The ski radius refers to the curvature of the front and rear parts of the ski, determining how easily you can turn and the length of your turn. Ski radius denotes how sharp the turning curve of the ski is and is measured in meters. A larger radius means better ski stability and is suitable for long, sweeping turns on groomed slopes. Conversely, skis with a smaller radius offer quicker turns and are suitable for more technical skiing with numerous shorter turns.

Ski Width and Length: Ski width, measured in millimeters, impacts the sensation of "floating" on fresh snow. Wider skis provide better grip and "float" on soft and deep snow, whereas narrower skis offer superior grip on hard-packed slopes. Ski length depends on your height and experience. The length is crucial in determining how skis behave on the slope. Generally, ski length should be around the chin or chin-and-a-half height, but this can vary based on personal preferences and skiing style. Shorter skis are often more maneuverable, ideal for skiers who enjoy quick turns. Longer skis offer greater stability and speed.

Ski Rocker Type: The rocker type of skis refers to the curvature of the ski's tip and tail concerning the ski's center. Different rocker types influence the terrain and snow conditions for which the skis are best suited.

  • Camber: Skis with a camber rocker have an arched center, providing excellent grip on hard slopes and improved stability at high speeds.
  • Rocker Tip Skis: Skis with a rocker tip have an upturned front end, making it easier to initiate turns and offering better "float" on soft snow and deep powder.
  • Rocker Tail Skis: Skis with a rocker tail have a lifted rear end, enhancing maneuverability and agility, making them perfect for skiing off-piste and for freestyle enthusiasts.

Different Types of Skis

We recognize various types of skis, primarily distinguished by their intended use:

Freeride skis are designed for skiers who relish off-piste skiing and revel in deep, untracked snow beyond groomed slopes. These are typically wider than regular alpine skis, providing increased stability and "float." Their design and construction make them better equipped to handle challenging terrain while maintaining responsiveness and control.

Touring skis are ideal for skiing in the backcountry and conquering untouched peaks. These skis are lighter and more maneuverable, facilitating ascent on steep slopes. They typically come with special climbing skins to prevent slipping during the ascent. With touring skis and suitable equipment, you can explore remote mountain areas and experience the true joy of backcountry skiing.

Alpine skis are excellent for skiing on groomed slopes at ski resorts. They offer outstanding grip on hard snow surfaces and enable fast and enjoyable skiing on well-maintained terrain. These skis are usually narrower and stiffer than freeride or touring skis, ensuring enhanced grip and precise slope guidance.

Freestyle skis are tailored for skiers who love performing tricks and jumps in terrain parks. These skis are characterized by their shorter length and greater maneuverability, making it easier to execute tricks and jumps. They are durable and responsive, allowing skiers to showcase their skills and have fun in terrain parks.

Many skiers opt for touring sets, typically including skis, ski boots, ski bindings, and climbing skins. Our touring sets are thoughtfully curated to meet the needs of skiers at all levels while providing excellent value for money.

Whether you're an experienced skier seeking new adventures off-piste or planning a family ski trip to groomed slopes, we have the right equipment. We offer skis from renowned brands that guarantee quality, durability, and safety: Black Crows, Elan, Dynafit, Armada, Volkl, and others.

Harness your passion for skiing with the best equipment and savor every moment on the white slopes. Find your perfect skis and get ready for an unforgettable winter experience.

Ski Equipment Rental

If you're unsure which equipment is right, use our ski equipment rental service. This allows you to test various ski models before purchasing, ensuring you have the best experience on the slopes.