Freeski Bindings

Freeski ski bindings are one of the key components of your freeride skiing equipment. The right choice of bindings will allow you to ski safely and have fun on the slopes. In our store, you will find top-notch brands and excellent support for your freeride adventures. For freeride skiing, you can choose bindings that provide the option of ascending with skis while ensuring reliability and safety during different descents. Read more






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Freeski Bindings

Freeride or freeskiing is a skiing style for those seeking special pleasures beyond groomed ski slopes. Freeride skiing equipment allows you to descend steep slopes in deep snow and enjoy the freedom of pristine terrain. In this type of skiing, we typically use freeski ski boots, freeride skis, freeride or freeski bindings, and other freeride skiing equipment. One of the key components of this equipment is, indeed, freeski ski bindings.

Types of Freski Bindings

Freeride skiing is a type of skiing that can provide unforgettable experiences both on groomed ski slopes and on terrains where slopes are not groomed and where skiing often takes place on freshly fallen snow. In freeride skiing, we often use ski touring (pin) bindings, which have significantly lower weight and are primarily designed for ski tourers who spend a significant part of their day ascending. This type of binding is characterized by special pins for both the front and rear parts of the binding. This means you also need suitable ski boots for this type of binding.

Hybrid touring bindings combine the characteristics of pin bindings and alpine bindings. They are more versatile and better suited for freeride skiers who ski off-piste but occasionally on groomed ski slopes. Freeride skiers who expect greater strength or ski more aggressively often use these bindings, which provide a good combination for skiing in diverse terrains.

Frame touring bindings, in addition to regular alpine bindings, are the heaviest and most robust. They are structured to provide a solid and uniform connection between the front and rear parts of the binding or between the boot and skis. This type of binding is also suitable for skiers who want greater stability at high speeds and during more aggressive turns and use them more for descents than for ascents or walking.

For freeride skiing, you can also choose bindings that are not specifically adapted to skiing with skins but are very similar in use and form to regular alpine bindings that can also be used.

Brands of Freeski Ski Bindings

Our store offers a wide range of freeski ski bindings, including Armada, Marker, and other reputable brands.

Ski Equipment Rental

If you're unsure which equipment is right, use our ski equipment rental service. It allows you to test different equipment before making a purchase, ensuring that you have the best skiing experience on the slopes.