Touring Boots

Ski boots are the heart of your ski equipment, the key to controlling movement on the slopes, and one of the factors contributing to your comfort in the snow. They are tailored to the needs of ski touring and are perfect for ascending and descending various terrains found in the mountains and hills. These boots are lighter, more comfortable, and flexible and allow skiers to ascend slopes more easily and then descend effortlessly. Read more







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Touring Boots

Touring or ski touring boots open the doors to unforgettable adventures in the heart of the mountains. They are a key part of your skiing equipment, allowing for quick transitions between ascents and descents while ensuring comfort and performance on all terrains. Touring boots are tailored to the needs of ski touring, making them perfect for ascents and descents on various mountain terrains. These boots are lighter, more comfortable, and enable you to climb uphill and ski downhill.

Special Features of Touring Boots

The main difference between touring boots and traditional alpine boots is their design. Touring boots are typically lighter and more flexible, making it easier for skiers to ascend steep slopes. They also have a front part designed for compatibility with special pin bindings, allowing for heel lift while keeping the toe part of the boots engaged. Touring boots are designed to provide comfort during ascents and excellent performance during descents on fresh powder or various terrains. Their increased flexibility is particularly noticeable in the 

Considerations When Choosing Touring Ski Boots

When choosing touring boots,  several key factors should be considered:

  • Proper Fit: Touring boots must fit your feet perfectly. Boots too small or too large can cause discomfort and problems during use. It's advisable to try them on in a store and consult with our expert for proper selection.
  • Boot Flex: Another important feature is the boot's flex or stiffness. This measurement refers to the boot's rigidity in the forward direction. A higher flex rating indicates less forward movement or greater boot stiffness.
  • Comfort During Ascents: Comfort is crucial during ascents. Touring boots should allow comfortable walking and uphill climbing with minimal heel movement. The boots should also not be too narrow, which could lead to numbness or tingling in the feet or soles.
  • Performance During Descents: Despite their lighter design, touring boots must provide excellent stability during descents. Proper power transmission and grip on the skis are essential for safe and enjoyable skiing.
  • Compatibility with Bindings: Touring boots are often designed to work with specific bindings and have a front part tailored for engagement with special pin bindings. Ensure that your boots are compatible with the bindings you use.

In our store, we offer high-quality touring ski boots from renowned brands, including Tecnica, Dalbello, Dynafit, and Scarpa. These brands are known for the quality, innovation, and performance of their products.

Ski Equipment Rental:

We also provide ski equipment rental services, including touring ski boots. This allows you to try different models and ensure you have the best gear for your next touring adventures.

Ski Boot Accessories

In the store, we also offer accessories for ski boots, such as insoles, outsoles, and inner liners, which enhance the comfort and performance of your boots.