Touring Poles

While conquering untouched terrains and snow-covered hills, you need versatile and reliable equipment. Touring ski poles are a great example of specialized gear designed for a specific skiing style. They are a reliable partner when you set out to conquer snow-covered mountains, offering support and safety in ski touring. With their lightweight construction and adjustable design, they are essential touring equipment Read more





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Touring Poles

Imagine the thrill of gliding through untouched slopes, the fresh mountain air brushing against your face, and the liberating freedom of skiing in the wilderness. To conquer pristine terrains and snow-covered mountains, you need versatile and reliable equipment. This is where touring ski poles play, serving as indispensable companions on your winter adventures.

Unique Features of Touring Ski Poles

Touring ski poles are specifically designed for ski touring and mountaineering, boasting key characteristics:

Lightweight Construction: Touring ski poles are often made from lightweight materials such as carbon fiber or aluminum. Weight is crucial, especially during ascents in ski touring.

Telescopic Design: Many touring poles feature a telescopic design, allowing you to adjust their length according to the terrain's steepness. This feature is incredibly useful for both ascents and descents. Some poles, designed without telescopic adjustments, have an exceptionally long, ergonomic grip to accommodate variations in terrain.

Handles: Handles are typically crafted from comfortable materials like foam or rubber, designed to prevent slippage even when your hands or gloves are wet or covered in snow.

Wrist Straps: Straps are adjustable to fit snugly around your wrists, providing additional support and preventing pole loss during ascents. Some poles omit wrist straps, as they can be hazardous during descents if your hands remain attached.

Wider Baskets: Baskets on touring ski poles are usually slightly wider to handle various snow conditions effectively.

Reinforced Tips: Pole tips are typically reinforced for greater durability and improved penetration on hard surfaces.

Touring ski poles are engineered to offer enhanced agility and control while maintaining a low weight for easy ascents. They have become an essential part of the equipment for those venturing into the mountains for ski touring. These poles are not just an extension of your arm; they serve as supports, aids in ascents, and provide stability during descents.

Our range of ski poles includes products from renowned brands such as Black Crows, Armada, Dynafit, Black Diamond, and many others.

Ski Equipment Rental

If you're unsure which equipment is right, use our ski equipment rental service. This allows you to test various ski models before purchasing, ensuring you have the best skiing experience on the slopes.